Auld Lang Syne

So completely ironic that I would literally start a blog post minutes after the new year when blogging for me was so desolate in 2015.

This year literally was the roller coaster of all years. I’m pretty sure I haven’t had this amount of highs and lows in one year than this past year. Of course a lot of it had to do with the little singer (obviously). Most all one of you know the gist of his adventures this year.

The honest to blog thing is, I have no idea if this is going to pan out or not. If it doesn’t who cares? We had an amazing adventure to this point and what more can you ask for it’s really a million to one shot.

Our trip to NY was amazing, we felt like rock stars, the people loved us and we felt we had a second family in NY. I have a lot to say about it but in the end that may just be it, the end. This industry is so volatile that up to this very moment I’m feeling unsure and down and the momma bear in me is praying for no disappointments for my child. The crazy thing is, he probably will be the last to be disappointed because he is so just “whatever will be will be” kind of attitude. As for me, the disappointment is already rearing its ugly head. Everyone is riding our wave and I don’t want them disappointed either, if that makes sense. No pressure. It’s not so much that he didn’t do great, he did awesome. People just move on I guess. It’s just one of those things that’s hard to explain. I just needed to write it down.

I could completely be wrong and all be sunshine and rainbows in the next few weeks. It’s just that so up and down. Honestly, it’s been that way since the beginning so I should take it with a grain of salt. I will say that he will continue to have the love and support from the local singing community we have so it doesn’t mean he’s done by any means. It’s the “national” scene that is very up in the air.

We had some amazing opportunities and any kid in the nation would be so lucky to have had what he had, definitely something he could randomly bring up as a highlight of his life. I still have to beat myself upside the head to say there should be zero disappointment and that’s just how this craziness works.

As for everything else in the life and times of WM247…I’m strongly thinking more blogging less facebooking. I have seriously gotten to the point where I felt I was completely going crazy if I wasn’t checking it every few hours. I would get the twitch that I probably was absolutely missing something, even right now at this very moment the little red button is lit up and I feel desperately that I need to check it and most likely it’s just a stupid game request. It’s amazing the weird high of warm fuzzies a few “likes” does. I guess it’s the people pleaser in me that makes facebook my addiction. I want people to like me and what better place for them to do it? I took a two day hiatus and it was the best and hardest thing ever and I’m going to try to do that a lot more often. At this point blogging has already been so much more therapeutic and it’s only been all of 20 minutes. Because I can be wordy and it’s totally acceptable if zero read or like it or not. Thank you for listening! This day has just been taxing.

I want to focus on getting my oldest his license and him a job. We just have totally set all driving practice to the back burner because of busyness.

My house has also completely fallen to the wayside because momma just wants to chill the minute she walks in the door from work and then I think of lame excuses that has to do with the little singer and excuse after excuse. I’m over myself and my excuses.

I know that resolutions by no means work for me but maybe if lay all this out instead of let it swirl in my head it will be more actionable and less intentional. Wow, look at me sounding all self reflective.

Bring it on 2016! I’m seriously ready to kick a a* and take names. Sorry but I really needed to say that. Really to kicking my own a* and no one elses…sorta.



Hello. Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Thanks to the time change I feel I strangely like I have “more” time to do stuff…like procrastinate on house work.

October has been the month of crazy! I think I mentioned last time about the little singer and his extraordinary opportunity. I plan to blog about this more in depth as things are more certain. It’s one of those things where a ton of things are in the works but nothing set in stone. We are planning a trip to NY the first week of Dec. to record his demo. I can’t even believe the words I am typing. A bunch of other crazy things that again, are not yet set in stone. It’s hard to get excited about things until it’s completely etched. We are still working out the contract technicalities. We want to make sure that things are not going to bite us in the butt later.

We talk to his manager just about everyday. He calls to let us know what he is working on for him and just so he can get to know him and so the little singer can feel comfortable around him. If you haven’t noticed he mentions us a lot on facebook as well. It’s completely surreal. We will be staying with him in his home (it’s probably a semi mansion) in NY when we visit, then off to LA in February.

You probably are wondering how the older two are fairing on this whole new kind of crazy..they are taking it like the good laid back brothers they are. Sure they feel a little overlooked a lot but they understand and take it in stride for the most part. The manager actually talked to them specifically how he appreciates their support. He’s going to make sure that they have an important role in all of this. That means a lot. We kind of like him.

My dad had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure you heard my pleas for prayers on facebook. I don’t normally ask for that kind of thing on facebook but it doesn’t hurt to channel good spiritual vibes for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

He’s doing better I suppose. After his triple bypass they let him go just under a week and then he passed out not two days later and they rushed him back. He stayed all of another 24 hours and is out again. He’s having a hard time getting around and it’s hard for my mom to leave him for more than an hour. So we still have a long ways of healing to go. He’s no spring chicken so this is harder for recovery than the average joe. I worry about him a lot and just hope things don’t go down hill from here. I hate to even think much less write about that, but sometimes it’s kind of therapeutic and is what it is. Ugh!

In other news, the oldest is this close to getting his license, the time and effort just has not been there to have him driving as much as he could. Don’t get me started on parallel parking cause it hasn’t started. Parking is still very unsettling for me. I just don’t feel he has that comfort level yet to do the more complex things of parking, so we’ve been taking it the lazy way and parking in the back where no one else is parked. I suggest never letting you’re teen learn to drive ever… as then you’re stress level is so much more relaxed. It’s going to be a very very long time before I’m actually half way comfortable with him driving alone once he has his license. I know he needs the experience to learn but it’s hard, I’ve got enough stress as it is.

Shall I mention my forgotten middle child? He is in a film making class and loves it. He is also working with the morning news group at school. Basically they do a little morning closed circuit “tv” show for announcements and it’s an actual class where they do the school news broadcasts and such. They liked his design work on something so he apparently is doing stuff for them. I only get pieces of information from him so this was “big” for him. Go wonder boy! I haven’t used that name in like ever. I’m still on the fence on using their names on the blog. Not that anybody reads it but still I’m sure they would appreciate not being googled and they pop up in the blog. Then there’s the singer where it’s practically “necessary” to mention his name to get him out there. The double edged sword as they say.

So I am completely rambling and I apologize. Until I see you again very soon.

BTW: Winter is coming soon! I think you know what I mean…not Game of Thrones.

Rising Star

**blows the dust off*** cough…cough…

Wow I didn’t even check to see how long it has been, because frankly it’s been too dang long.

As you know my little singer has kept me quite busy, like a gig every weekend kind of busy. Well…about that…busy every weekend will soon be amped to busy all the time.  I haven’t made a serious announcement on facebook about this yet because I guess I needed to write this all out and let it process. I don’t want people to think we just won the lottery and woo hoo look at us.

For over a month we have been talking with an agent/manager in New York, like a for real guy that has managed a few people you might know, a few in the works movie stars, singers and so on. He is very very interested in our kid. Like he’s ready to fly us up to New York and have him record some demos, get his name out there on social media which he is doing right now. He truly believes my kid is the next big something. He feels he has the look and the talent where a lot has the look but not quite the talent. He is already up fronting all of the costs of this expedition as he has full faith he will get signed with a record label and then take his share. Which seems fair as he is willing to upfront a lot before then.

I am still wrapping my brain around this entire concept, and how this happened so dang fast is beyond me. Even he said it was pure accident how he found him on youtube.

**whew** breathe

At first of course one thinks he is just blowing smoke and nothing really is going to come out of this, but he has been true to constant communication with us and letting us know who else in the industry he has contacted to confirm his “feeling” about our singer. We have even talked with a few folks he has managed as reference. He has an actor that has a movie coming out who did a radio show in NY and actually mentioned our singer on air just because he heard him and likes him. Craziness.

He knows that famous critical judge on that show with all the singing idols, and messaged him to get his opinion. He hasn’t heard back from him yet but still, he messaged him about my boy.

*mind still blown*

Right now we are “beefing” up his social media and so is the manager and it’s already going crazy based on what they can do and who they know just by mentioning his stuff. Next we are picking out demo songs to record in NY and planning for local radio stations, newspapers, news stations for them to talk about his talent. Gulp. He is picturing the next big teeny bop singer for Oklahoma.

Now here is where I shameless plug him only because dear reader(s) I would love for you to follow along on this crazy journey with me/him. I could do a lot of bragging on facebook but I kind of want to separate it as it’s not my journey, it’s his and I’m just along for the ride. So follow him on twitter @musicbytanner.  That’s where the magic is.The latest and greatest thing with twitter is Periscope, which is a separate ap but allows you to watch live podcasts to a variety of things, you pick the area like Oklahoma and it will show you what is broadcasting at that moment, it’s just regular people videoing different things. It’s actually pretty neat, the funny thing is, it only stays 24 hours in the Periscope feed and then it’s gone unless it’s reshared on twitter.

We do our “live casts” every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:45 central time in case one day you have nothing else to do on the internet.

Please join me on this journey because Im a little skeered.

The Singer Sings

(So I’m totally just going to slip by and pretend  I don’t know what you’re talking about that I haven’t blogged in months)

I never in a million years would have thought that I would be a singer’s mom. Soccer mom yes, football mom absolutely, but never a singer’s mom. Especially to a pretty darn good singer. I’m trying really hard to not post something every other post about the singer on facebook but I admit it’s hard to do. I would also never in a million say my kid was pretty darn good if it wasn’t true and if people constantly didn’t  tell me that he does..and no not just on facebook.

This month has been our banner month. He did an audition for the Oklahoma Opry and in that one little audition, we met an awesome family that has kind of taken us under their wing and said here is where you need to go and sing and the network of singing opportunities has flourished from there. We are are at the point where we have gigs clear to October now. It’s unbelievable. Really. We really just barely started doing this just for his talent show and it has snow balled from there. On top of that, we clenched an awesome voice teacher who really believes we will be taking this show on the road literally. She actually wanted to do it for free. The funny thing is she’s not the only one who has told us this. Funnier thing is, people are asking if he needs a music teacher because they know someone and so forth. Simply because they know he’s good and they want a piece of the pie to say so and so music teacher taught him how to sing. Sorry folks he already knows how to sing he just needs a little refinement.

Now I know you didn’t come by to be diluted with how awesome my kid sings. Believe me I groan just a tiny bit when the over bragging is done on other’s kids for whatever. But you know we are all proud momma’s of our baby bears and dang it, we want the world to know it. So keep on bragging and I’ll keep on liking and know because you’re proud, I’m proud too for you.

On a different but similar note. You as the one reader knows I am the wallflower of the party and if attention is turned toward me I want to blend even more with the furniture. I am so glad the hubs is the “manager” of this ride and I am blissfully along for the ride. The thing is when strangers want to approach you to brag on your kid, it gets a little overwhelming and anxiety wants to rear it’s ugly head. I love the praise and know it’s for him and yet I feel guilty because I didn’t do anything, don’t brag to me because I already know. I guess lucky us moms get the attention though they really should be praising daddy on this one.

Yes, we have come to that point where we have a website, a youtube channel and of course business cards. I am not kidding and they are so needed. Can you believe the craziness that I am talking? My 11 year kid has business cards. I totally understand if you want to gag right now.

I do want to say that the minute he says he doesn’t want to do the craziness anymore we totally will support him and be done. I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon though. The boss lives for this kind of attention, it fuels his soul, and he actually isn’t near as bossy anymore. He has become supportive of other singers and cheers them on as if they also totally killed it, even if he knows he was probably a little better. He knows that as a singer you have to support each other and he knows they also want to make people happy just like he does.

A List To Catch Up

Jeez…I don’t what happened the last couple of months but I will try to play catch up for you/me.
1. If you haven’t heard already, the rain is ridiculous around these parts. We have had rain in some part of the state for 30 days straight at least I’m pretty sure we have. #overit
2. The talent show was a rousing success. I swear that singer kid of mine blows me away. I had a huge post on his try out and my nervous nelly ways but meh he is awesome, end of story. We are really gearing him up for more “shows”. His teachers and principal were blown away. His friends told him he sang better than Bruno. Not that I’m bragging or anything. #superstar
3. I finally get to be 2nd reader for my co-workers book. It’s taken her over a year to write it. She literally was just starting it when I started at my new post. I get to read it and tear it up and offer my thoughts and suggestions. I’ve been keeping my reading schedule clear just for this. It’s pretty good, a little rough around the edges but I see the potential. #newbie
4. I’m sure I have a ridiculous amount more to say but am totally blank. #blankspacebaby
5. I am completely caught up with Downtown Abbey at least what is on Amazon Prime. I leave you with this very important tidbit. Also, can I randomly mention the Big Bang Theory season ender? Oh my heart…it hurts. I strongly think the Shamie hiatus will be short…I hope. #nerdalert
Random hashtags because I can.

Lame Blogger Here…

Sometimes I wonder why I keep this old girl up but sometimes I have random sporadic events that happen that I feel strongly need documented and not just on facebook. Here I can go into more detail and stuff.
I do actually have a story to tell but it’s one of those stories that requires anonymity because it’s related to that place that I talk about where I go and do stuff. Let’s just say when the big big chief’s assistant calls you barge in on the regular chief’s quarterly tribal council meeting where other chiefs are also involved including the big chief. Do you know the difference between a big chief, a regular chief and the big big chief? Because there is a BIG difference.
There’s a word for things like this in the south when it’s so completely embarrassing and horrible at the same time and that word is “chawed”. That was how I felt barging into that tribal council meeting, yet those days of total paralyzed anxiety are over, especially when there is no other option or at least you didn’t think there was at the time. Anyways, I’m trying work it up better and the writer in me has become a total loss and I need to rectify that.
I really feel I could write a book and maybe make it funny for all of us assists out there.

We are working on getting the oldest into driving school. There is no driver’s ed anymore here, it’s all done by driving schools. The cost an arm and a leg. We are working to have him learn online and we the hubs and I becoming “certified” instructors. It’s a lot cheaper to do it all online and once the state deems us driving instructor worthy than he will begin. I realize we are a little late to the party since he’s now 16 but I think this way will work out better for all of us. I just wish we could install a break on the passenger side. He is doing a lot better going around the neighborhood, I feel a lot more comfortable staying in the neighborhood for now until of course we are completely legit to venture out with his permit.
The youngest is working hard on his talent show piece. He’s doing a little Bruno and it’s going to be awesome.
I wish I knew more but then I’m lame that way and this may be all you get for another week or four.

An Unplanned Superior Day

Friday I got up got dressed for work -in a cute little dress I got at Target on clearance that it was finally warm enough and not so windy to wear. In other words I was looking forward to going to work…because feeling cute makes one more looking forward to going to work. I dropped the youngest off, which is unusual for us but he had a singing thing and had to be early and that’s all I knew.
Let me back track a month ago. I know that he has a singing competition thing but when, where, and how much was never shared as I expected a note. Every day for weeks I asked about such competition and a note. After so long of “I don’t know and I don’t have a note” I pretty much dropped it and forgot about it.
Fast forward to Thursday night and he mentions the competition is Friday and he has to be at school by 8 and he doesn’t know where it’s going to be and he doesn’t know if or how much money he needs. But I never saw a note. I never signed a permission slip. This is a almost typical daily thing of him losing notes on very important matters. I told hm this makes things very difficult as we have no clue where and when, and of course the how much. So Friday morning I pull into the drop off lane to drop him off and send him on his way with $10. That should do it for lunch I would assume. Lucky for him and me I suppose, I’m literally stuck in the center lane of drop off, no one is going anywhere because school drop off begins at 8:15 and it’s 8:02 and people literally sit like this because they have nothing better to do?
He comes running out with note in hand in hopes I would still be there. I sign the note and he runs back in as I detach the detail of the note. As I sit and read what is needed and where- Arbuckle Wildnerness which is about 2 hours away and he needs way more money than I sent based on what and where he is going. At this point I’m pretty much stuck and they are loading on the bus to leave. I carry very little if any cash on me as it is and I am trying to think of what exactly I’m going to do. I text him to let him know he has a problem-lack of funds and that he will be later than the usual bus pick up, in other words someone would have to be in that unusual time (for normal working people) frame of 4:30-5:00 to pick him up when they arrive. Hence why notes a few weeks ahead of time are kind of a necessity.
At the same time I was thinking this would have been a fun trip to take off work and support his compete and spend the day with him and 18 screaming 10 year olds. I then had an epiphany, well pretty much the only plausible solution. I absolutely hate calling in for work. Even when sick or sick kids the guilt is consuming as if I’m really calling in when I’m actually playing hookey. I decide to buck up and call the B. I immediately go into my tirade of my damsel in distress situation and omg he doesnt have enough money, and he’ll be stranded, I’m pretty sure I sounded distressed. Luckily my B is pretty understanding for the most part and was cool with me “playing hookey” for the day. Then I was off for a little day trip to the smallest mountains in the world, the Arbuckles in a cute little spring dress that was not meant for hiking and frolicking and riding bumpy safari buses feeding large animals. I text the son back that I’ve dropped everything to be his entourage for the day and it was so worth it.

Here is the strange part of the story;

When we arrived there was literally no one else in the parking lot. When I’m thinking competition, I’m thinking an uncomfortable amount of people and no parking. We get parked and go in as we have a 10:30 sing time and it’s already ten after ten. I’m one of those weird one’s that stresses about being on time and seemed odd that they would push their arrival time so close to sing time. Apparently it didn’t matter because we were literally the only school there. Apparently the other schools sang Thursday. We were the only ones to sing on Friday. Still odd to me. How many schools competed? Wouldn’t they spread them out over two days? No idea. But unlike probably every other competition the parents were able to watch, it was outside, and the judges gave critique right there on the spot and presented them their trophy for superior rating. The main judge really nailed things on the head especially for little boys who are uncertain of taking choir in the future for middle school/high school as most of his friends are “jocks” and will be doing PE/Sports. He pretty much told the boys, “there will be those boys in athletics that will be riding the bus back with a bunch of other smelly boys, and then there will be you boys in choir riding the bus back non smelly and with a bunch of pretty girls.” Not that that should seal his decision to remain in choir for all his days but he really has been on the fence on his chosen elective of Choir or PE for sixth grade.
The plus side of having the whole park to yourself is having the grand tour and riding the safari bus to feed the animals. Please remember me as I’m climbing into a bus where the sides are completely cut out and a huge bench thing is in the center for everyone to sit. Then the screaming of 18 ten year-olds began. Apparently these kids had never experienced anything like this and camels bum rushing to the bus and chasing us the entire way was a new fangled thing. Oh yes the “It’s Hump Day” commentary was also eminent and was like the commercials just came out yesterday.
We enjoyed every moment and I dressed cutely yet uncomfortably for the occasion.

Yes even these guys were allowed to come to the feeding.

But thankfully not this guy.