Day Book 02.12.15

Outside My Window: Crazy cold outside and some precipitation is happening in the morning, which is that bad time of morning when you’re not sure how bad it will be and it’s supposed to come right around when the buses come so the question is, will they delay/close school or tough it out? It’s probably going to come in too late in the morning to really tell.

I Am Hearing: The hubs play his game

I Am Thinking: Random thoughts of unknown origin..too many to keep track.

I Am Hoping: That it’s not too bad to drive in tomorrow. I think the worst part is supposed to come Tuesday or Wednesday but who really knows.

Weekend Update: We didn’t do much but mainly hang around the house as usual. I made a brave attempt to let the boy drive around the neighborhood. He really needs to practice just getting the hang of the brake and gas motion and how and when to use it. It was definitely an experience that made me realize how much practice he really needs and that we need to do it every day just so he can be more comfortable and not freak out. I also have to learn to not freak out. I think I have a little more patience than the hubs. I know that if the hubs was taking him around right off the bat he would be more discouraged and unwilling to want to learn based on our previous experience. If I take him until he becomes more comfortable just in the neighborhood then the hubs can take him out in the actual real world traffic. At least this is my theory.

Plans For The Week: Depending on the weather, there’s a possibility of my work group doing a little bowling. We apparently have this new bowling alley that is all retro and Big Lebowski like (aren’t all bowling alleys like that?) so we want to check it out.

Picture Thoughts: The hubs and I date night Valentines.

Beautiful evening and then it got really cold and iced the next day, that’s just how we roll with weather around here. You take what you get this time of year.

Day Book 02.09.15

Outside My Window: Can I just say it was 72 degrees out with little no to wind  (the wind makes all the difference) and it was magnificent. Please don’t kill me.

I Am Hearing: It’s late and not much sound going but the hubs sniffling. He’s not sick he’s doing what men do I suppose. Snorting is more the word for it. Yeah I said it.

I Am Thinking: I talked myself out of heading to NOLA this week. You probably knew it was coming. She put her house up for sale last week and I’m pretty sure it would be really inconvenient for me and the gang to crash at her house. Not that she wouldn’t have minded but I would have felt really guilty. I’m actually not disappointed in the least, I’d already prepared for a let down so to speak.

I Am Hoping: To get started very soonish with my little back to school escapade. I really have lost my mind but I think I will enjoy it so there’s that.

Other Thoughts: I mentioned eons ago that a co-worker is writing a book and she offered me the chance to be a second reader. May be she’ll acknowledge me in her book when its published. How cool would that be? I’m just stoked to be called a “second reader” to a future author. Cause that sounds pretty important and stuff. I still have no idea the storyline but it is fiction and she’s made one of her main characters a twitter account and her character tweets potential happenings in the book as if it were currently happening. How hip is that? It’s taken her two years to write it and it will still be awhile before it goes to publish. I will keep you posted on how it went and probably will review the book too of course.

Plans For The Week: Well, it is Valentines week/end. Tomorrow is Bunco for my second Bunco group. Wednesday I have another possible opportunity to go to a Thunder game and then there’s Valentine’s weekend. I’m not expecting flowers, even from a husband that literally works at a major flower dot com. I know, I’ve already crossed that bridge and it’s not worth it in the end. Yes I may or may not be seeing a certain major movie coming out this weekend. That’s all I’ll say about that. Bonus that we get a three day weekend.

Weekend Thoughts: I did next to nothing this past weekend and I am completely ashamed of it. I did get a new phone and I feel so very with it to actually say I have the latest and greatest. Which is a complete first for me. My early Valentine. See why I’m not getting flowers.

Picture Thoughts: I have to admit.. I have nothing, I haven’t even really utilized the awesomeness that is my LG3G phone. The camera is pretty awesome I admit. Next time for sure.

5 Years Ago: Then and Now

This may be a strange picture representation for this kind of post but to me, at this certain time, it was such a little sign of hope and that things were going to okay during a unsettled time and to just enjoy the simple  things in life.

This dragonfly on my car antenna stayed there long enough for me to run back in the house grab the camera, adjust my settings and click away. I felt so empowered in a way with my semi mad photo skills. Glad I found it rummaging through the photos of 2010. Admits I’m swooning a little and feeling inspired.

5 years ago we were in a bit of pinch and I can honestly tell you that this was definitely a period of time where we were in the thick of life’s challenges. We were sort of just settling in from moving back from Texas after the economy determined for us that it was time to move back “home” whether we liked it or not. I had just started a new job in November and was feeling overwhelmed with the newness of it all and the journey of the unknown for the hubs and his career path.

I admit, I was a little bit scared to death as being the only bread winner of the household for a little while is not something I ever expected to cross off my life crises list. We made it through with a little time and patience. At the time it felt like next to never.

I was also taking the plunge by heading back to college to pursue some creative pursuits. If you would have told me that this new job I stared 5 years ago would lead me to where I am now, same place but a total 180 of career doings, I might have believed you but not in the sense of believing in what I would be doing.

Oh poor 5 years ago me. Bless her heart. It is going to be okay honey. We made it… sorta and you love the intricacies and nuances of your current job. Never a dull moment for the most part.

The 10 Book Gif

My apologies as usual for lack of post and it hasn’t been because I’ve been busy or had a lack of fodder. I actually started about my Christmas tree episode and then meh… instead I’m doing this book meme. I admit I also have slacked in the book reading department. I blame my lack of tablet.

Anyway I just committed my biggest peeve rambled on about junk that wasn’t necessary to the post. -This only is a peeve when I’ve found a recipe on Pinterest and the blogger rambles on for two paragraphs that have nothing to do with the recipe. Sigh.

I got this list from Jen (of course). I’m not hip with the gif postings but I will do my best. I admit when buzz feed does the .gif thing it completely enhances the list…to me.

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

It’s all about the descriptive elaborate feels. This one sums it up perfectly.

  1. The Red Tent by Anita Diamant – It’s been a long time since I’ve read it but I know it was/is on my top 15ish list. Stuff tends to move down when new books are read. I feel I have to read them again because I forget the storyline but I know it was awesome and girl power stuff.

Eleanor and Park By Rainbow Rowell

It was a flood of mixed emotions…that’s about how I describe it.A love to hate it kind of feels.

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling- I haven’t read the whole series yet….

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle

I haven’t read this one either….

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simion

I started it and didn’t finish it. I think I  kind of forgot what it was about. This seems to be a trend.

Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman

I didn’t realize this was a book first…

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

It’s on my to read list.

Divergent by Veronica Roth

The movie is way better than the books so far. Loved the concept of the first book though.

The One by Kiera Cass

What’s not to love?


This was sooo much fun but it took me way to long to figure out the perfect .gif, therefore I cannot go any further posting. Some people do have to work for a change.

So How’s It Going?

Let’s see…

I”m on my last week of this Quantitative Whatchyamacallit Class. I’m surviving I’ll say that much. It’s very practical kind of math but interest and it’s intricacies is still not really my forte.

I’m sure you have seen my youngest child’s solo debut. Some people have kids that make 58 yard touch down receptions and post it facebook, and mine just belts out a solo for an assembly. It really is the same difference in my opinion. The hubs and I admit we have watched the video more than is probably reasonable but we are pretty smitten and proud so yeah. He has had huge kudos through out the school, in fact the principal I assume was blown away and has been really giving him the compliments. Yeah, were a tinge proud.

Just for my own memory jot down, the other interesting tidbit that happened at the assembly was that the music teacher who was conducting the singing threw his shoulder out mid conduct. So he immediately laid on the stage in front of the whole school assembly. Needless to say it was quite the OMG scene and all was concerned and a good awkward long 5 minutes lasted and he finally got up and the show went on.

It’s my birthday week which hasn’t really felt birthdayish. I did get a new little tablet/laptop. My Kindle Fire bit the dust in other words I can’t ever seem to hold a internet connection and it’s kind of pointless without it, because hello? How else am I supposed to download my library books? Love this little guy that allows me to connect to the little keyboard and detach it. It’s not the cool colored ones that you see but it’s apparently actually better as stated by the husband.

Work has been able to use every capacity of my brain and I still love and loathe the fact that every single day has been some kind of random new thing. Sometimes it’s as small as finding a drawer organizer on the Staples site or taken on a brand new big project/report. It’s all scarily fascinating. It’s one of those things that I’ve had what I thought were “decent” jobs before but nothing really overly challenging and new. ( Stop me if you’ve heard this before for the 20th time.) It’s kind of mind blowing really. I know I’m sorry. I could go on really. I drive the hubs crazy.

I’ll leave you to that…

My Thoughts On New Shows So Far

I’ve actually never been big on new show premieres. I think it’s actually been a really really long time since I’ve even been halfway interested in any new shows in say never. This season seems a little more interesting and I shockingly have a long list of potential shows I want to watch and will probably review. So as of tonight here are my thoughts on what I’ve seen so far.

-BBT ( Big Bang Theory) It’s not new of course, well it know what I mean. It didn’t do much for me. I really thought there would be some intriguing new changes what with all the changes happening, though I guess Penny’s hair and new job is bringing that change, but still it was pretty much status quo. Which is fine, because I’ve been very fearful they would jump the shark. BTW did I miss something where she was no longer going to pursue acting?

-Scorpion  I think this one will do well. I like the storyline of “geniuses” solving the government’s problems. It definitely gives me an Alias/ Sherlock vibe. Who doesn’t love acute attention to details and planes crashing due to bad software glitches? I think they picked a great time frame for right after BBT. I most likely will watch again.

-Forever I wanted to try to like this one. It was trying WAY to hard to be like another Sherlock with a Captain Jack Harkness feel to it based on the never dying thing. I’m not sure why they are all trying to jump on all of this attention to details bandwagon and then make detectives look really dumb like they have no clue about what to look for in suicide cases that aren’t suicide cases. This storyline itself is really really old. Just saying. There is a unique twist with his not dying thing but I’m not sure if it has captured my attention enough to come back. Dang, just thinking about the storyline I think I just figured it out…at least I have a theory.

We also watched the new episode of Agents of Shield. This is one where I have been roped into watching and I didn’t want to try to get involved but did anyway. Yes, the new story is intriguing. Yes, Lucy Lawless (Xena) appeared in this one. Hope she sticks around. It’s certainly going to be a new story that I really don’t want to get into but I know I will anyway.

Next up will be Selfie and How To Commit Murder. I have high hopes for both but I have a feeling only one will stay standing.

I also have Gotham recorded and I also want to watch The Red Band Society which are the hospital kids on Fox I think.

Tell me your thoughts…what have you watched so far that I need to see? Because the time for some reason, I think I have lots of, all of a sudden.

DAY BOOK 09.15.14

How long has this been? It’s like I don’t even know how to at least post something I’m consistent with.

Outside My Window: It’s certainly getting cooler…for September, which means it will get hot again come October.

I Am Hearing: Not much, a clock ticking I think?

I Am Hoping: That I make it through this week of busy planning meetings for next year. I may or may not have mentioned the overwhelming projects I have been coordinating. I’m thinking that’s a good thing. I love it, and hate it at the same time. ‘

I Am Thinking: How awesome this whole cooking club concept is. It just started last week. We prepared 92 meals, paid all of $5.00 per meal we “ordered” and browned/prepared any meat needed before cooking club. A very cheap way of having freezer meals won and done in one night and having fun doing it, because your with a bunch of other ladies who are busy doing other stuff. I’m looking forward to the next. It’s a lot of work but so worth knowing I have a nice stack of dinner at the ready.

I Am Reading: Reading has taken a back seat again. Reading chapters of quantitative math instead. It wasn’t as bad as it sounded but I still like to complain.

Song I Can’t Get Out Of My Head: I can’t get Shake It Off, or All About That Base. I know it’s a thing.

The Boys: The oldest finally decided to get rid of the mop on his head and we shaved it. Now I have twins (again) him and his middle brother, it is difficult telling them apart from the back of the head. And most escpecially if you only seem them in your peripheral vision. I hope to obtain a pic soon.

Plans For The Week: Bunco tomorrow, and hopefully a trip to the fair with just me and the hubs. The boys have already gone.

Picture Thought:

I was going to post this on facebook… this is my husband grocery shopping (two carts full) and the itty bitty trunk to put it all in. Not to mention the trunk is already half way full from other shopping visits. I’m not sure why it made me laugh, but I’m weird like that.