The Crew

Here’s a bit of bio on the rug rats of the household.
I am a 30 something full time working mother from 8-5 and then my second shift never ends being mom. I love to read when I find the time which at this point has been never, I love to blog, facebook, take pictures and harvest crops on farmville and make an all out effort to bring humor to everyday life .. atleast I’m trying.

Game Boy is a typical 11 year old who loves video games and is in that stage of pre- pre- adolescence, trying to test new boundaries and discover his own independence, and learning a pointer or two on how to do the laundry. He loves to read and really does love his little brothers.

Birth Story

Wonder Boy is a zany 10 year old who lives to entertain. His favorite past time is quoting movies, cartoons or anything else to get a laugh. His favorite saying is “NARF!” and always has the perfect timing of when to say it. His random one liners are legendary.
His birth story is quite an extraordinary wonder!

Bossy Boy is a 5 year old like one I’ve never seen, at least compared to my laid back last two. He is the Boss when it comes to his brothers. He can be Bossy to benefit himself or even to help me out at times. At the same time he hero worships his big brothers but he’d never let you know it. He is also an avid reader and bike rider. I love this age and don’t ever want him to grow out of it.


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