Day Book 03.29.15

Outside My Window: Tis the season for storms. Not technically tonight but we did have our first batch of hail last Wednesday and a sprinkling of tornadoes. The weather guys were pretty confident we wouldn’t have any and sure enough it popped up in Moore (again). It’s all good, we pretty much expect it anymore. Call us crazy, but we do have fairly awesome weather men. We have to for our kind of weather.

I Am Hearing; It’s actually pretty quiet except for the hubby sneezing.

I Am Thinking: The plan was I was taking off tomorrow to get some errands done that can’t be done on weekends, like dentist appointments and taking almost 16 year old boys to get their driving permit. We’ve really slacked off on that considering he will be 16 in less than a week. Here in OK it’s done in stages so even at 16 he is still limited to who and when he drives so I don’t think he will miss too much by just now getting his permit. We have also ..gulp… sort of looked at cars for him. We figure it best to get him one that he could learn as that would be what he would be used to since its his. If that makes sense. Anyways, these plans changed as now we have a funeral to attend.

I Am Hoping: For a less stressful next few weeks…which will not happen. Spring is our crazy time with 2 boys birthdays, Easter and all end of school activities.

Thoughts from last week: So I had my shin dig. The photographer showed up late which almost set the chief in a tizzy. He told me to start taking some with my phone. Then 5 minutes later he showed. Thank God, talk about wishing I had brought my normal camera-which I actually considered doing just because. Any who it went off well and I’m glad it’s over. I am not the big party planner hostess type so I went with keeping everything as simple as possible -food, flowers, and minor decor. I think I did pretty well despite one or two snafus that were beyond my control. I’d rather be the wall flower of the party than the hostess with the mostess. Talk about being thrown out of the comfort zone. But at least I know I can do it and it’s not as bad as it would have been in my brain a few years ago. I think I’ve really learned to quelch my anxiety, which kind of blows my mind because really even I think about it (the anxiety) but it doesn’t affect me at all.

Weekend Plans: The weekend was also pretty busy, sorta. The oldest kind of had his birthday weekend of lobster and nerdiness at BitCom; which is basically a convention for old school gamers. The youngest was star struck by some Youtuber he watches. He could barely talk to the guy. Apparently these guys review video games and consoles and get like a million views. I really am considering doing something random to gain millions of dollars doing silly stuff on Youtube.

OH and the youngest sang at Super Cuts. They turned down the radio and everything so “everyone” could hear him sing. I thought that was sweet. The haircut lady said if he becomes famous she’ll feel proud that she cut his hair.

Plans For The Week: Let’s see, after the funeral I have to get a kid enrolled for Junior year. (hold me) the youngest will be starting middle school (next year)-which is basically Jr. High. A boys birthday and then Easter weekend with the family and celebrating more birthday.

Picture Thoughts:


Day Book 03.17.15

Outside My Window: It’s a little rainy. We’ll take it.

I am hearing: Watching that show with the guy that never dies…he’s an ME. Can’t think of the name of it.

I am thinking: I’m strangely excited for my little field trip tomorrow. I get to play the Publishers Clearinghouse Prize patrol and award our most recent winner part of the academy awards thing I mentioned before on facebook. Have I mentioned everyday is a new adventure and I love it? Had my annual review. When the “b” tells you to tell him what he can do to help me to help manage him you feel pretty smug in a weird way. Never thought I’d hear a phrase like that from a “b”. You like my cryptic language. Also I had no idea that my proofing skills were actually part of my review. Kind of crazy right?

I am hoping: That all of the last minute things for the “academy awards” ties up this week. I have no idea what I will do with myself afterwards. I”m sure that they will find something.

Plans for the week: Besides presenting the publishing clearing house? Just finished the bunco. I didn’t have any extravagant win but a consolation prize is always nice. I really don’t know what I’d do with myself with out my outings every month.

Picture Thoughts: These two…

About That…

I had no idea time really has slipped that far away since I last blogged.. February 12th?! Really. I really feel like this month is literally already almost over and it’ only the 11th.

How about a rambling bullet list to cover what you missed on me?

-So the place where I reside 8-5 has me hopping busy. Which it normally has its ebbs and flows but it’s been more of a geyser lately. I think this is why I feel this month is already over. When you have to schedule meetings for someone else weeks in advance, it makes one feel like that I suppose. The main thing that has kept me busy is my role on the academy awards lunch…yeah not really but sorta. We have a luncheon every year that honors those in customer service aka tellers, and phone people who were nominated because they did something awesome. It’s really a great thing and this girl that’s who is the party planner of sorts getting everything taken care of. I am loving it but it’s kind of like planning a wedding.. guest lists to maintain…catering and table arrangements and center pieces…and programs oh my. Not to mention ordering trophies and then I get to help present! My own wedding wasn’t even this “organized and extravagant”.

I’m not complaining, I’m actually loving it, it’s just stressful at times. Whew.

-A follow-up to the Suessical thing. We created a bigger, more bold Wocket in the Pocket. I personally thought I had out done myself and had really put my Visual Communications degree to good to use.


The youngest of course hated it, like tears in his eyes this is the worst thing I have ever had to do kind of hate. (The picture above reflected the slightest mood of I’m okay with this for now.) When the incident went down with the teacher, he really truly thought he had gotten out of it completely. He just despised the whole idea of dancing and entertaining old folks that much. I explained to him repeatedly until I was blue in the face, if you’re going to be an entertainer this is the kind of thing you will have to do. This is the only real entertainment these folks get, you will put a smile on their face and possibly bring them joy. He was not seeing any of it. After threats of grounding if there wasn’t a change in attitude, he agreed. You know what? Of course you do. It wasn’t that bad after all. Imagine that! I think he may have actually enjoyed it.Imagine that. Why does this child have to challenge me from every fiber of my being? Exhausting.

-Lets see, I was supposed to take next week off for a mini family vacation. I am so paranoid and stressed about the “academy awards” that I told the hubs we need to reschedule because I know I will be too panicked on minute details the week before the thing that it wouldn’t be worth the trip. I told him, “honey, I will drive you bat sh*t crazy the whole time…probably a little more than usual.” That pretty much convinced him.  So we will go in July when I am sure things have settled…ha..ha.

-We had a great time at the family engineering fair at the school. I have a few genius friends one of who is an actual engineer for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. Another friend who’s father is an engineer and she is pretty stinking smart herself so yeah I totally needed their expertise on domino bridge building.

I’m not sure why the pics are so small, I’m sure it’s a setting on my phone.


I think that covers all things Bossy Boy. Haven’t said that name in forever.

Happy Blog Birthday to me … checking the timeline 3/04/07 was my first post dive in. I pretty much kept it private for the first month. I really should have tried harder to keep the following I had when I was at blogger and I really should go the extra mile to visit more blogs and be active again but the time, I just don’t have it, but I do really miss it.

That should it do it for the missed month of ramble. Whew.

Day Book 02.12.15

Outside My Window: Crazy cold outside and some precipitation is happening in the morning, which is that bad time of morning when you’re not sure how bad it will be and it’s supposed to come right around when the buses come so the question is, will they delay/close school or tough it out? It’s probably going to come in too late in the morning to really tell.

I Am Hearing: The hubs play his game

I Am Thinking: Random thoughts of unknown origin..too many to keep track.

I Am Hoping: That it’s not too bad to drive in tomorrow. I think the worst part is supposed to come Tuesday or Wednesday but who really knows.

Weekend Update: We didn’t do much but mainly hang around the house as usual. I made a brave attempt to let the boy drive around the neighborhood. He really needs to practice just getting the hang of the brake and gas motion and how and when to use it. It was definitely an experience that made me realize how much practice he really needs and that we need to do it every day just so he can be more comfortable and not freak out. I also have to learn to not freak out. I think I have a little more patience than the hubs. I know that if the hubs was taking him around right off the bat he would be more discouraged and unwilling to want to learn based on our previous experience. If I take him until he becomes more comfortable just in the neighborhood then the hubs can take him out in the actual real world traffic. At least this is my theory.

Plans For The Week: Depending on the weather, there’s a possibility of my work group doing a little bowling. We apparently have this new bowling alley that is all retro and Big Lebowski like (aren’t all bowling alleys like that?) so we want to check it out.

Picture Thoughts: The hubs and I date night Valentines.

Beautiful evening and then it got really cold and iced the next day, that’s just how we roll with weather around here. You take what you get this time of year.

That Thing About That Movie

I know what you’re thinking, oh boy here we go…  I promise, you don’t have to read this and you certainly don’t have to agree with my thoughts and opinion. I just needed to get things off my mind.

I do everything in my power not to form an opinion on Facebook. It’s just gotten to the point of exhaustion seeing one extreme to the other of all things politics and religion. I almost don’t enjoy knowing what’s going on in people’s lives anymore because it seems there are too few of those kind of feeds and too much of the flood of articles and strong points of view of others. I feel almost so overwhelmed that forming my own opinion there is not worth it. Which is why I don’t post it on facebook. I kind of live by the rule “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all” mentality. Maybe I’m weird like that.

I’m sure you’ve seen the articles that are beating this movie to death, crucifying it so to speak based on its premise and that there is no love story and the actors hated it and blah blah. Of course, I understand where they are coming from as I know they have little to no information to go on other than what they hear and not on what they’ve read from the actual books. The actors probably didn’t read the books either. And that’s okay.

I just want to give a tiny bit of story background (yes it’s a spoiler)..sue me. I’m also not trying to convince anyone to read the books, as it really is a personal choice because of the type of book it is. I get that completely.  ( I also really don’t want to out right come out with what specific book/movie I’m talking about, as I am not a boat rocker and certainly don’t want a google search result that will produce a commentary of torch bearers and pitch forks to burn the blog down. You’re pretty smart you can probably easily figure it out.)

CG was a product of child abuse at the age of 4. His mom was a crack addict and her significant other beat her to death and beat him as well- he literally burned out his cigarettes into his chest. This person left his mother for dead with CG at 4, and alone for several days with no food and a dead mother. –I get that this is fiction but it somehow really affected me. You won’t find out this tidbit of information until book 2. Yet I feel most form their strong opinion of protest based on little information they do receive from book 1 and don’t care to read book 2 if they even finish book 1 or read it at all.

That’s just the first of his issues. He then is seduced by his adopted mother’s best friend at 15 and he became a sub. for 7 years. Then of course into his adult life of changing the role to dom. All of his subs resembled a likeness of his mother including A(A was never his sub by the way, she consented to doing the things he did because, I guess she had an open mind, she wanted to try it before she signed the dotted line. She freaked out completely and left him-which I think would be a normal reaction). It became a way to deal with what his mother did to him.

Ann changes him for the better, and that is really the underlying premise of the whole series but it takes a long time of getting to that point and there are certain aspects of the book that are a hard thing to read and watch to get there. They do love each other, it is a love story, he is willing to change his way of thinking about love and relationships and accept that his way of doing things isn’t “normal”.  One has to understand that this is all he knows in coping with the f*cked upness that was his childhood. A person’s traumatic childhood can damage a person for their entire adulthood if not handled early and with professional help. Mental illness is such a hard thing for maybe normal people to accept as a problem in this country.  It kills me how much I read on all those issues with insurance not covering it and the lack of facilities to cure it. Sorry I kind of got off on a tangent.

It’s so easy to form a biased opinion when you don’t have all the information. I am so guilty of it myself so I probably have no soap box to stand on. I guess what I’m saying is I formed some kind of weird acceptance and unconventional love of these characters and their flaws and that they know out rightly they have issues. Don’t we all? So I feel like I can be the one voice for these characters and give them the defense they deserve or may be don’t deserve.

I never said her writing style was fantastic, her books were all fanfiction based. She probably never intended to make her stories into books but obviously some people enjoyed them enough and got what her intentions were, even if it wasn’t greatly written. Sometimes you have to just skim through the crap to find the jewels. When you’ve read them cough 3 times you get a better understanding and perspective of the writer’s intentions.

The movie itself  didn’t do the book any justice at all and it probably did come out even more harsh to those who hadn’t read the book, it was butchered pretty significantly but I think that’s typical for any movie based on a book anymore. I went in pretty much with low expectations. I heard that the author had a strong hand in the production process and it was hard for them to really make it how Hollywood wanted to have made it. That may have been for the best.

Overall I did enjoy the movie to a degree, they nailed the humor of A and the actress made the movie, the rest just kind of fell behind. I admit it was more “graphic” than I expected for an R rating. Some areas I felt were just not that necessary but there you go it is what it is.

Thank you kind reader for allowing me to get this off my chest. I will continue with my regular blog business as usual next post.


Day Book 02.09.15

Outside My Window: Can I just say it was 72 degrees out with little no to wind  (the wind makes all the difference) and it was magnificent. Please don’t kill me.

I Am Hearing: It’s late and not much sound going but the hubs sniffling. He’s not sick he’s doing what men do I suppose. Snorting is more the word for it. Yeah I said it.

I Am Thinking: I talked myself out of heading to NOLA this week. You probably knew it was coming. She put her house up for sale last week and I’m pretty sure it would be really inconvenient for me and the gang to crash at her house. Not that she wouldn’t have minded but I would have felt really guilty. I’m actually not disappointed in the least, I’d already prepared for a let down so to speak.

I Am Hoping: To get started very soonish with my little back to school escapade. I really have lost my mind but I think I will enjoy it so there’s that.

Other Thoughts: I mentioned eons ago that a co-worker is writing a book and she offered me the chance to be a second reader. May be she’ll acknowledge me in her book when its published. How cool would that be? I’m just stoked to be called a “second reader” to a future author. Cause that sounds pretty important and stuff. I still have no idea the storyline but it is fiction and she’s made one of her main characters a twitter account and her character tweets potential happenings in the book as if it were currently happening. How hip is that? It’s taken her two years to write it and it will still be awhile before it goes to publish. I will keep you posted on how it went and probably will review the book too of course.

Plans For The Week: Well, it is Valentines week/end. Tomorrow is Bunco for my second Bunco group. Wednesday I have another possible opportunity to go to a Thunder game and then there’s Valentine’s weekend. I’m not expecting flowers, even from a husband that literally works at a major flower dot com. I know, I’ve already crossed that bridge and it’s not worth it in the end. Yes I may or may not be seeing a certain major movie coming out this weekend. That’s all I’ll say about that. Bonus that we get a three day weekend.

Weekend Thoughts: I did next to nothing this past weekend and I am completely ashamed of it. I did get a new phone and I feel so very with it to actually say I have the latest and greatest. Which is a complete first for me. My early Valentine. See why I’m not getting flowers.

Picture Thoughts: I have to admit.. I have nothing, I haven’t even really utilized the awesomeness that is my LG3G phone. The camera is pretty awesome I admit. Next time for sure.

Day Book 02.02.15

Outside My Window: It is certainly colder, though it could be worse, we could be facing a white out blizzard like you guys up north. You won’t hear complaints from me.

I Am Hearing: The hubs is playing the slot game that has Jeopardy. It’s kind of loud.

I Am Thinking: Next week is supposedly my little trip east for Mardi Gras. I haven’t even told the boss yet. I’m kind of stressed about it in a way, the kids have no real desire to go -I’m sure it will change once they get there. I’m kind of psyching myself out about the drive and thinking of lame excuses not to go.  I do this to myself every time about things like this. I’ll wallow in self pity if I don’t go and stress the whole time until I finally get there. One more lame excuse is that I just took a partial vacation day for the funeral and then there will be another for next week and then next month we’re taking a few days for Branson…

I Am Also Thinking: I want to get back into doing I Heart Faces or some kind of photo challenge again. If you tell me what to take a picture of it helps me a little more than just take a random picture and go, then all you would see is pics of kids and dogs. This time of year it’s too gloomy to be creative and shoot outside. I need a challenge.

Weekend Recap: Not much got accomplished this weekend but a trip to the hubs office for a workout. I love that his work has a full gym but of course it’s not even close to the house (the office/gym) and it’s the opposite direction on my drive home from work. Needless to say, we don’t utilize free and gym near enough.

We also bared witness to that nightmare ending of a Super Bowl game. I know you’re a Pats fan, I get it. I had a strong feeling you would win, I just didn’t want it to happen on a dumb play call. With that, it did make for an exciting ending. I really had no vested interest in either team so the stress level was pretty low key.

Commercials I liked: The Doritos commercial with the lady getting on the airplane and the guy offers his bag and she has a baby. The first football draft was cute, of course the Budweiser puppy made me misty eyed. My fave was the Pete Rose commercial. Everyone is of course talking about the depressing ones like the Nationwide commercial. They got you talking about it and that was their point. Oh Marketing, I love you so.

One side note on commercials. People say how outrageous it is for a 30 second spot for a Super Bowl commercial. It truly isn’t that outrageous when you get used to being the one that has to pay the bill for that 30 second spot. The production, the editing, the travel, the sound, talent, the whole kitten caboodle is so unbelievably expensive even for a non Superbowl commercial that is not even broadcast nationwide, I don’t even bat an eye anymore. Just thought I’d say that. The more you know….

Speaking of Katy Perry and halftime (do you see what I did there?), I thought it was fantastic, despite the weird beach theme. The 3D chess board amazing.

Plans For The Week: The usual with a side of Bunco. The theme this month is lumber jack. Should be easy enough.

Picture Thoughts: I finally got the youngest to a Thunder Game. He was overwhelmed with how huge the arena was. He said he literally pictured his school gym and that is why he had no real desire to go. He was pretty overwhelmed at first and even mentioned it was a good thing he wasn’t scared of heights. He did request he take a selfie with my phone.


We were up pretty high. Cheap seats=free seats.

Forgive me and my photographic trespasses.