Alright 2 In A Week Day Book 01.06.19

So bare with me as I get my blog legs back…get it sea legs…ahem…

My writing may be a little off for a bit, but hey look at me blogging, just like riding a bike. I’d like to warm things up with one of my favorite ways to start the week with The Simple Day Book meme if that’s ok with you. Thank you dear reader for keeping me in your feed. 😊

Outside My Window: It has warmed up significantly since our snowstorm this past week. We are talking like 60 outside today. We Okies could and can never handle the snow for more than 2 days max. We sure love our snow days off though. We’re wimps

I Am Hearing: The middle is streaming some music that I’m unsure of the singer but it’s kind of relaxing for writing deep thought blog posts. Like I’m in a coffee shop doing some serious writing or you know just in my recliner even better.

I am Thinking: Back to a full real work week…oh yeah and I’m trying be all low carb. It’s been rough I’m not going to lie. I’m going on a full week (technically 6 days but it feels like eons) I have yelled out of pure hangriness and might have wanted to cry and give it up, but so far I’m hanging in there. My main goal is 30 days give or take to see how it goes and how I feel. More on it in future posts.

I am Hoping the week goes smooth and that I’ve done enough planning to eat through the week and not starve. If that makes. Carb goals

Weekend Update: If I say I didn’t even get out of my pajamas Saturday is that some kind of life goal thing? I think it is. I admit, it’s been years since I’ve done that or I was sick, I think my main focus was to not feel starved and keep busying myself. That’s the extent of my weekend.

Plans For The Week: The usual things Tuesdays are guitar lessons for the singer and Wednesday is Bunco (I’m in two groups that meet once a month) I blame these activities and more on my blog slacking. Also Friday is my sister’s birthday so we will meet up at our favorite Mexican place and I will try not to gulp down the queso and refrain from carbs as best as possible. Think about me in my time of struggle.

Picture Thoughts: Some random snow ball fighting. Indulge me we don’t really get this much this often. Yeah I may start breaking out the good camera now that I’m blogging again…yeah that’s right if I keep saying it, it’s totally true. I’m blogging again.


2 thoughts on “Alright 2 In A Week Day Book 01.06.19

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  2. Gosh I miss daybook posts – I’m going to play along over at my blog, too. We’re so Retro Cool. Except now my “good camera” is also my phone. That is a surreal statement. Good luck with your low carb diet – we’re attempting something similar in our home, too, or at leas my husband is and I’m the one cooking.

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