I’m a former full time working momma now gone full time stay at home momma. We just recently moved from East Texas to North Texas. Follow me on my new transition.
I’m happily married to my husband C for 10 years.
I love to read and have just really started enjoying cooking and baking.
This blog is just a random dabbling of my thought processes.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, I never knew you had a blog!! I actually miss your presence here, lol, so even though it seems you guys have hit hard times, it’s been nice to be able to catch up on your adventures (Trey sent me the link to your blog). Best of wishes, and I hope to see you in Aug for Jamie’s wedding!

    • Hey,
      We’re coming your way on Monday. Clayton is going to have lunch with Peter. If the bossman will free some of you guys, maybe we can do lunch!

      • That would be awesome, I hope he does. Depending on the time of lunch, maybe my fiance can snag some free time and join us….I’ve told her about you so I am sure she’d like to put a face to the name lol

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