Day Book 5/29

Outside My Window: Is some intense child labor….

I Am Hearing: Back to December by Taylor Swift …one of my faves

I am Thinking: Im trying to get as much done as possible on my to do list. Im kind of half and half as I get the item checked off only to have to add it again and recheck dishes and laundry. The painting is pretty much done and I’m just going to stop it there as one wall still needs some more work done before it’s painted and it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. For now it’s become my artsy unfinished wall. I just needed to restore normalcy in the dining room before my head exploded.

Im really digging this yellow. Some may have scoffed at my yellow choice but it really brightens the room and brings joy and cheer to all who enter..maybe not all but it does me.

Plans for the week: Tomorrow I have high hopes of hitting the zoo. They just remodeled the elephant exhibit and our zoo had it’s first baby elephant in captivitity this spring. I’m hoping all who have wanted to see the baby has seen her and it will be free and clear of crowds. Im dying to take some animals pics.  I have to tell you from the pics I’ve seen of the baby elephant…she’s begging for me to take her sweet picture.

Other Plans: The hubs starts work..we’re still just reeling that after all this time it was so quick and boom he’s employed. I think the greatest thing about this process this time is they let him show off his mad skills first and then interviewed. Not to many places do that.

The kids are headed to grandma’s for a day or two. Plus next weekend is my baby’s birthday. Sniff he won’t be 6 anymore which really practically is saying he’s grown and no longer needs his momma and will never say cute and adorable things to me and his sweet dimple will disappear. Sniff..

Picture Thought: The Wrath of Kong.

 I may have mentioned a few moons ago that I wanted my picture taken with the car lots giant gorilla. Kind of a Fay Ray King Kong kind of thing. The hubs decided today was the day. Little did we know that the Kong was a bit disabled which made picture taking even better. Yes he stood out in the middle of the road to get the shot.


One thought on “Day Book 5/29

  1. 1. I adore Taylor Swift, she’s one of my favorite musicians right now.

    2. I’m loving the yellow, I think it looks awesome and I’m jealous of how straight and level your photos look, mine always seem to end up droopy.

    3. Still just so ecstatic for your husband to finally be back at work and fully employed! I think three cheers are deserved for that one.

    4. I am now terrified of Age 7. No more dimples???? Say it ain’t so! I think I’m going to look into getting my children frozen in time now.

    5. lmao over the king kong picture. Just awesome!

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