Stopping By A Sheep Farm On An Autumn Evening

Stopping By the Farm on an Autumn Evening
A very loose adaptation of Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening: By Robert Frost

Who’s sheep farm these are I do not know?
His house is probably beyond the fence though.
He will not see me stopping here
To raid his fridge and watch his shows.

The little sheep must think it queer
To see a stranger stopping here
Walking along the tree line’s path
The leaves pile neatly along the way and nowhere else?

They give a bah and a woolly shake
as only sheep can really make.
No other sounds around
make my escape easy as cake.

The farm would be lovely to linger longer
But I have Krissa’s laundry duties to keep
Loads and loads in a big huge heap…
Loads and loads in a big huge heap…

If you want to know what the heck this is all about, check out my very funny blog buddy Krissa’s WordPress header (you say “masthead” I say header let’s call the whole thing off) theme story challenge. It’s all just in fun and games until someone pokes an eye out.


Thank You All For Not Being Axe Murderers!

I’m sure you all are dying to know how the bloggy get together went? I know, you totally forgot didn’t you? Tis Ok I understand, your not supposed to keep track of my social life, cause you know I don’t have one.

Laurie and I met up at Chick Fila, where she was so kind to chauffeur me to the event. She of course was just as nice in person as she is in cyber space.
We got there early because we’re both neurotic about these things and walked around the Galleria for a bit. I tried talking her into ice skating but she would have none of that. 😉 One of the highlights of the evening was getting our picture with the hello kitty playboys.

It’s not everyday one can say they had their picture taken with “hellokitty” half dressed. It should be part of one’s life goals.
Thanks again Laurie for the pics.

We decided then to head to the bar to grab “our dinner” early -in other words our drink alone was a mere $12.00. Ouch! It at least helped loosen me up to actually make an effort and talk to total strangers with out thinking twice about it or being shy…at least not too shy. Anyone who knows me personally would have been my opinion.
I was probably driving Laurie crazy repeating to everyone I met, “Thank you for not being an axe murderer!” Let’s just say the hubs was kind of paranoid.

Everyone was very friendly and funny. We didn’t get to meet everyone, as our tables we’re so spread out. Hopefully next time we can play musical chairs and have our own area. I think we’re already making future plans.
Here’s our table of great funny bloggers.

Starting from the front left
Becoming Bianca
Starting from the back right
Anything But Nice
Me, no I’m not that narcissistic to link back to my ownself.
The dude next to me was not a blogger but dragged by his own free will by Ed at PostedNote. Bless his heart.
Jenny took this group pic and was kind to let me borrow it. Yes I did bring my camera, I just hated to have to lug it out. I should have anyway. Oh well. I guess I’m shy about taking strangers pictures. Though they are strangers no more!

Our group rocked because a good majority of us were Twilight freaks and were trying to convince the rest of the group to go right this very minute and buy the books. We even have future plans of a possible watch party when the DVD comes out. Should be awesome fun! The funny thing was there wasn’t a single “mom blogger” in the bunch at our table except for me. It was still fun to meet a great variety of people with the same passion. Can’t wait for the next one!

I Have A Blind Date This Saturday.

This Saturday I’m doing something I thought I would never have the cahonies to do. I’m meeting total strangers who have the same passion I do. They’re all women bloggers and I’ve been invited to crash their little shin dig thanks to Laurie.

Laurie and I were matched up in Kahalini’s Valentine exchange. It was such a random coincidence that my Valentine match up lived literally in the next town. (The town with the awesome library). When she gave me her address, I didn’t pay to much attention to it until I started getting her stuff together. I admit to being a touch excited. From there I completely bombarded her with e-mails begging her to be my best friend her to tell me where the good places to eat are and could she please be my tour guide. Luckily she has been super nice about my stalking habit and invited me to go with her to this little blogging function. I might have squealed with glee a little.

I probably would have had second thoughts on this outing, since I don’t know a soul who’s coming nor have I read their blog, except Laurie’s. if Laurie didn’t ask me to be her partner in crime and go with her, I probably would have made up some lame excuse. I can totally do this going in with someone holding my hand as support. Don’t we woman always need a bathroom buddy? I totally need a go to new places and meet strangers buddy.

Thank you so much Laurie for inviting me and if you can’t already tell I’m super excited and can’t wait to meet you in person!