Hello. Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Thanks to the time change I feel I strangely like I have “more” time to do stuff…like procrastinate on house work.

October has been the month of crazy! I think I mentioned last time about the little singer and his extraordinary opportunity. I plan to blog about this more in depth as things are more certain. It’s one of those things where a ton of things are in the works but nothing set in stone. We are planning a trip to NY the first week of Dec. to record his demo. I can’t even believe the words I am typing. A bunch of other crazy things that again, are not yet set in stone. It’s hard to get excited about things until it’s completely etched. We are still working out the contract technicalities. We want to make sure that things are not going to bite us in the butt later.

We talk to his manager just about everyday. He calls to let us know what he is working on for him and just so he can get to know him and so the little singer can feel comfortable around him. If you haven’t noticed he mentions us a lot on facebook as well. It’s completely surreal. We will be staying with him in his home (it’s probably a semi mansion) in NY when we visit, then off to LA in February.

You probably are wondering how the older two are fairing on this whole new kind of crazy..they are taking it like the good laid back brothers they are. Sure they feel a little overlooked a lot but they understand and take it in stride for the most part. The manager actually talked to them specifically how he appreciates their support. He’s going to make sure that they have an important role in all of this. That means a lot. We kind of like him.

My dad had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure you heard my pleas for prayers on facebook. I don’t normally ask for that kind of thing on facebook but it doesn’t hurt to channel good spiritual vibes for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

He’s doing better I suppose. After his triple bypass they let him go just under a week and then he passed out not two days later and they rushed him back. He stayed all of another 24 hours and is out again. He’s having a hard time getting around and it’s hard for my mom to leave him for more than an hour. So we still have a long ways of healing to go. He’s no spring chicken so this is harder for recovery than the average joe. I worry about him a lot and just hope things don’t go down hill from here. I hate to even think much less write about that, but sometimes it’s kind of therapeutic and is what it is. Ugh!

In other news, the oldest is this close to getting his license, the time and effort just has not been there to have him driving as much as he could. Don’t get me started on parallel parking cause it hasn’t started. Parking is still very unsettling for me. I just don’t feel he has that comfort level yet to do the more complex things of parking, so we’ve been taking it the lazy way and parking in the back where no one else is parked. I suggest never letting you’re teen learn to drive ever… as then you’re stress level is so much more relaxed. It’s going to be a very very long time before I’m actually half way comfortable with him driving alone once he has his license. I know he needs the experience to learn but it’s hard, I’ve got enough stress as it is.

Shall I mention my forgotten middle child? He is in a film making class and loves it. He is also working with the morning news group at school. Basically they do a little morning closed circuit “tv” show for announcements and it’s an actual class where they do the school news broadcasts and such. They liked his design work on something so he apparently is doing stuff for them. I only get pieces of information from him so this was “big” for him. Go wonder boy! I haven’t used that name in like ever. I’m still on the fence on using their names on the blog. Not that anybody reads it but still I’m sure they would appreciate not being googled and they pop up in the blog. Then there’s the singer where it’s practically “necessary” to mention his name to get him out there. The double edged sword as they say.

So I am completely rambling and I apologize. Until I see you again very soon.

BTW: Winter is coming soon! I think you know what I mean…not Game of Thrones.


One thought on “Hello. Is It Me You’re Looking For?

  1. I’m so excited for Winter – not the season, but the the thing preordered on my kindle :O) And I never preorder books, so yeah, excited. ALSO excited for all the fun stuff on the horizon for you with your youngest. That is so crazy that I cannot even wrap my mind around it! Hope your dad’s recovery goes okay. You know you’re in my thoughts.

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