Rising Star

**blows the dust off*** cough…cough…

Wow I didn’t even check to see how long it has been, because frankly it’s been too dang long.

As you know my little singer has kept me quite busy, like a gig every weekend kind of busy. Well…about that…busy every weekend will soon be amped to busy all the time.  I haven’t made a serious announcement on facebook about this yet because I guess I needed to write this all out and let it process. I don’t want people to think we just won the lottery and woo hoo look at us.

For over a month we have been talking with an agent/manager in New York, like a for real guy that has managed a few people you might know, a few in the works movie stars, singers and so on. He is very very interested in our kid. Like he’s ready to fly us up to New York and have him record some demos, get his name out there on social media which he is doing right now. He truly believes my kid is the next big something. He feels he has the look and the talent where a lot has the look but not quite the talent. He is already up fronting all of the costs of this expedition as he has full faith he will get signed with a record label and then take his share. Which seems fair as he is willing to upfront a lot before then.

I am still wrapping my brain around this entire concept, and how this happened so dang fast is beyond me. Even he said it was pure accident how he found him on youtube.

**whew** breathe

At first of course one thinks he is just blowing smoke and nothing really is going to come out of this, but he has been true to constant communication with us and letting us know who else in the industry he has contacted to confirm his “feeling” about our singer. We have even talked with a few folks he has managed as reference. He has an actor that has a movie coming out who did a radio show in NY and actually mentioned our singer on air just because he heard him and likes him. Craziness.

He knows that famous critical judge on that show with all the singing idols, and messaged him to get his opinion. He hasn’t heard back from him yet but still, he messaged him about my boy.

*mind still blown*

Right now we are “beefing” up his social media and so is the manager and it’s already going crazy based on what they can do and who they know just by mentioning his stuff. Next we are picking out demo songs to record in NY and planning for local radio stations, newspapers, news stations for them to talk about his talent. Gulp. He is picturing the next big teeny bop singer for Oklahoma.

Now here is where I shameless plug him only because dear reader(s) I would love for you to follow along on this crazy journey with me/him. I could do a lot of bragging on facebook but I kind of want to separate it as it’s not my journey, it’s his and I’m just along for the ride. So follow him on twitter @musicbytanner.  That’s where the magic is.The latest and greatest thing with twitter is Periscope, which is a separate ap but allows you to watch live podcasts to a variety of things, you pick the area like Oklahoma and it will show you what is broadcasting at that moment, it’s just regular people videoing different things. It’s actually pretty neat, the funny thing is, it only stays 24 hours in the Periscope feed and then it’s gone unless it’s reshared on twitter.

We do our “live casts” every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:45 central time in case one day you have nothing else to do on the internet.

Please join me on this journey because Im a little skeered.


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