The Singer Sings

(So I’m totally just going to slip by and pretend  I don’t know what you’re talking about that I haven’t blogged in months)

I never in a million years would have thought that I would be a singer’s mom. Soccer mom yes, football mom absolutely, but never a singer’s mom. Especially to a pretty darn good singer. I’m trying really hard to not post something every other post about the singer on facebook but I admit it’s hard to do. I would also never in a million say my kid was pretty darn good if it wasn’t true and if people constantly didn’t  tell me that he does..and no not just on facebook.

This month has been our banner month. He did an audition for the Oklahoma Opry and in that one little audition, we met an awesome family that has kind of taken us under their wing and said here is where you need to go and sing and the network of singing opportunities has flourished from there. We are are at the point where we have gigs clear to October now. It’s unbelievable. Really. We really just barely started doing this just for his talent show and it has snow balled from there. On top of that, we clenched an awesome voice teacher who really believes we will be taking this show on the road literally. She actually wanted to do it for free. The funny thing is she’s not the only one who has told us this. Funnier thing is, people are asking if he needs a music teacher because they know someone and so forth. Simply because they know he’s good and they want a piece of the pie to say so and so music teacher taught him how to sing. Sorry folks he already knows how to sing he just needs a little refinement.

Now I know you didn’t come by to be diluted with how awesome my kid sings. Believe me I groan just a tiny bit when the over bragging is done on other’s kids for whatever. But you know we are all proud momma’s of our baby bears and dang it, we want the world to know it. So keep on bragging and I’ll keep on liking and know because you’re proud, I’m proud too for you.

On a different but similar note. You as the one reader knows I am the wallflower of the party and if attention is turned toward me I want to blend even more with the furniture. I am so glad the hubs is the “manager” of this ride and I am blissfully along for the ride. The thing is when strangers want to approach you to brag on your kid, it gets a little overwhelming and anxiety wants to rear it’s ugly head. I love the praise and know it’s for him and yet I feel guilty because I didn’t do anything, don’t brag to me because I already know. I guess lucky us moms get the attention though they really should be praising daddy on this one.

Yes, we have come to that point where we have a website, a youtube channel and of course business cards. I am not kidding and they are so needed. Can you believe the craziness that I am talking? My 11 year kid has business cards. I totally understand if you want to gag right now.

I do want to say that the minute he says he doesn’t want to do the craziness anymore we totally will support him and be done. I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon though. The boss lives for this kind of attention, it fuels his soul, and he actually isn’t near as bossy anymore. He has become supportive of other singers and cheers them on as if they also totally killed it, even if he knows he was probably a little better. He knows that as a singer you have to support each other and he knows they also want to make people happy just like he does.


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