A List To Catch Up

Jeez…I don’t what happened the last couple of months but I will try to play catch up for you/me.
1. If you haven’t heard already, the rain is ridiculous around these parts. We have had rain in some part of the state for 30 days straight at least I’m pretty sure we have. #overit
2. The talent show was a rousing success. I swear that singer kid of mine blows me away. I had a huge post on his try out and my nervous nelly ways but meh he is awesome, end of story. We are really gearing him up for more “shows”. His teachers and principal were blown away. His friends told him he sang better than Bruno. Not that I’m bragging or anything. #superstar
3. I finally get to be 2nd reader for my co-workers book. It’s taken her over a year to write it. She literally was just starting it when I started at my new post. I get to read it and tear it up and offer my thoughts and suggestions. I’ve been keeping my reading schedule clear just for this. It’s pretty good, a little rough around the edges but I see the potential. #newbie
4. I’m sure I have a ridiculous amount more to say but am totally blank. #blankspacebaby
5. I am completely caught up with Downtown Abbey at least what is on Amazon Prime. I leave you with this very important tidbit. Also, can I randomly mention the Big Bang Theory season ender? Oh my heart…it hurts. I strongly think the Shamie hiatus will be short…I hope. #nerdalert
Random hashtags because I can.


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