Lame Blogger Here…

Sometimes I wonder why I keep this old girl up but sometimes I have random sporadic events that happen that I feel strongly need documented and not just on facebook. Here I can go into more detail and stuff.
I do actually have a story to tell but it’s one of those stories that requires anonymity because it’s related to that place that I talk about where I go and do stuff. Let’s just say when the big big chief’s assistant calls you barge in on the regular chief’s quarterly tribal council meeting where other chiefs are also involved including the big chief. Do you know the difference between a big chief, a regular chief and the big big chief? Because there is a BIG difference.
There’s a word for things like this in the south when it’s so completely embarrassing and horrible at the same time and that word is “chawed”. That was how I felt barging into that tribal council meeting, yet those days of total paralyzed anxiety are over, especially when there is no other option or at least you didn’t think there was at the time. Anyways, I’m trying work it up better and the writer in me has become a total loss and I need to rectify that.
I really feel I could write a book and maybe make it funny for all of us assists out there.

We are working on getting the oldest into driving school. There is no driver’s ed anymore here, it’s all done by driving schools. The cost an arm and a leg. We are working to have him learn online and we the hubs and I becoming “certified” instructors. It’s a lot cheaper to do it all online and once the state deems us driving instructor worthy than he will begin. I realize we are a little late to the party since he’s now 16 but I think this way will work out better for all of us. I just wish we could install a break on the passenger side. He is doing a lot better going around the neighborhood, I feel a lot more comfortable staying in the neighborhood for now until of course we are completely legit to venture out with his permit.
The youngest is working hard on his talent show piece. He’s doing a little Bruno and it’s going to be awesome.
I wish I knew more but then I’m lame that way and this may be all you get for another week or four.


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