An Unplanned Superior Day

Friday I got up got dressed for work -in a cute little dress I got at Target on clearance that it was finally warm enough and not so windy to wear. In other words I was looking forward to going to work…because feeling cute makes one more looking forward to going to work. I dropped the youngest off, which is unusual for us but he had a singing thing and had to be early and that’s all I knew.
Let me back track a month ago. I know that he has a singing competition thing but when, where, and how much was never shared as I expected a note. Every day for weeks I asked about such competition and a note. After so long of “I don’t know and I don’t have a note” I pretty much dropped it and forgot about it.
Fast forward to Thursday night and he mentions the competition is Friday and he has to be at school by 8 and he doesn’t know where it’s going to be and he doesn’t know if or how much money he needs. But I never saw a note. I never signed a permission slip. This is a almost typical daily thing of him losing notes on very important matters. I told hm this makes things very difficult as we have no clue where and when, and of course the how much. So Friday morning I pull into the drop off lane to drop him off and send him on his way with $10. That should do it for lunch I would assume. Lucky for him and me I suppose, I’m literally stuck in the center lane of drop off, no one is going anywhere because school drop off begins at 8:15 and it’s 8:02 and people literally sit like this because they have nothing better to do?
He comes running out with note in hand in hopes I would still be there. I sign the note and he runs back in as I detach the detail of the note. As I sit and read what is needed and where- Arbuckle Wildnerness which is about 2 hours away and he needs way more money than I sent based on what and where he is going. At this point I’m pretty much stuck and they are loading on the bus to leave. I carry very little if any cash on me as it is and I am trying to think of what exactly I’m going to do. I text him to let him know he has a problem-lack of funds and that he will be later than the usual bus pick up, in other words someone would have to be in that unusual time (for normal working people) frame of 4:30-5:00 to pick him up when they arrive. Hence why notes a few weeks ahead of time are kind of a necessity.
At the same time I was thinking this would have been a fun trip to take off work and support his compete and spend the day with him and 18 screaming 10 year olds. I then had an epiphany, well pretty much the only plausible solution. I absolutely hate calling in for work. Even when sick or sick kids the guilt is consuming as if I’m really calling in when I’m actually playing hookey. I decide to buck up and call the B. I immediately go into my tirade of my damsel in distress situation and omg he doesnt have enough money, and he’ll be stranded, I’m pretty sure I sounded distressed. Luckily my B is pretty understanding for the most part and was cool with me “playing hookey” for the day. Then I was off for a little day trip to the smallest mountains in the world, the Arbuckles in a cute little spring dress that was not meant for hiking and frolicking and riding bumpy safari buses feeding large animals. I text the son back that I’ve dropped everything to be his entourage for the day and it was so worth it.

Here is the strange part of the story;

When we arrived there was literally no one else in the parking lot. When I’m thinking competition, I’m thinking an uncomfortable amount of people and no parking. We get parked and go in as we have a 10:30 sing time and it’s already ten after ten. I’m one of those weird one’s that stresses about being on time and seemed odd that they would push their arrival time so close to sing time. Apparently it didn’t matter because we were literally the only school there. Apparently the other schools sang Thursday. We were the only ones to sing on Friday. Still odd to me. How many schools competed? Wouldn’t they spread them out over two days? No idea. But unlike probably every other competition the parents were able to watch, it was outside, and the judges gave critique right there on the spot and presented them their trophy for superior rating. The main judge really nailed things on the head especially for little boys who are uncertain of taking choir in the future for middle school/high school as most of his friends are “jocks” and will be doing PE/Sports. He pretty much told the boys, “there will be those boys in athletics that will be riding the bus back with a bunch of other smelly boys, and then there will be you boys in choir riding the bus back non smelly and with a bunch of pretty girls.” Not that that should seal his decision to remain in choir for all his days but he really has been on the fence on his chosen elective of Choir or PE for sixth grade.
The plus side of having the whole park to yourself is having the grand tour and riding the safari bus to feed the animals. Please remember me as I’m climbing into a bus where the sides are completely cut out and a huge bench thing is in the center for everyone to sit. Then the screaming of 18 ten year-olds began. Apparently these kids had never experienced anything like this and camels bum rushing to the bus and chasing us the entire way was a new fangled thing. Oh yes the “It’s Hump Day” commentary was also eminent and was like the commercials just came out yesterday.
We enjoyed every moment and I dressed cutely yet uncomfortably for the occasion.

Yes even these guys were allowed to come to the feeding.

But thankfully not this guy.


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