Day Book 03.29.15

Outside My Window: Tis the season for storms. Not technically tonight but we did have our first batch of hail last Wednesday and a sprinkling of tornadoes. The weather guys were pretty confident we wouldn’t have any and sure enough it popped up in Moore (again). It’s all good, we pretty much expect it anymore. Call us crazy, but we do have fairly awesome weather men. We have to for our kind of weather.

I Am Hearing; It’s actually pretty quiet except for the hubby sneezing.

I Am Thinking: The plan was I was taking off tomorrow to get some errands done that can’t be done on weekends, like dentist appointments and taking almost 16 year old boys to get their driving permit. We’ve really slacked off on that considering he will be 16 in less than a week. Here in OK it’s done in stages so even at 16 he is still limited to who and when he drives so I don’t think he will miss too much by just now getting his permit. We have also ..gulp… sort of looked at cars for him. We figure it best to get him one that he could learn as that would be what he would be used to since its his. If that makes sense. Anyways, these plans changed as now we have a funeral to attend.

I Am Hoping: For a less stressful next few weeks…which will not happen. Spring is our crazy time with 2 boys birthdays, Easter and all end of school activities.

Thoughts from last week: So I had my shin dig. The photographer showed up late which almost set the chief in a tizzy. He told me to start taking some with my phone. Then 5 minutes later he showed. Thank God, talk about wishing I had brought my normal camera-which I actually considered doing just because. Any who it went off well and I’m glad it’s over. I am not the big party planner hostess type so I went with keeping everything as simple as possible -food, flowers, and minor decor. I think I did pretty well despite one or two snafus that were beyond my control. I’d rather be the wall flower of the party than the hostess with the mostess. Talk about being thrown out of the comfort zone. But at least I know I can do it and it’s not as bad as it would have been in my brain a few years ago. I think I’ve really learned to quelch my anxiety, which kind of blows my mind because really even I think about it (the anxiety) but it doesn’t affect me at all.

Weekend Plans: The weekend was also pretty busy, sorta. The oldest kind of had his birthday weekend of lobster and nerdiness at BitCom; which is basically a convention for old school gamers. The youngest was star struck by some Youtuber he watches. He could barely talk to the guy. Apparently these guys review video games and consoles and get like a million views. I really am considering doing something random to gain millions of dollars doing silly stuff on Youtube.

OH and the youngest sang at Super Cuts. They turned down the radio and everything so “everyone” could hear him sing. I thought that was sweet. The haircut lady said if he becomes famous she’ll feel proud that she cut his hair.

Plans For The Week: Let’s see, after the funeral I have to get a kid enrolled for Junior year. (hold me) the youngest will be starting middle school (next year)-which is basically Jr. High. A boys birthday and then Easter weekend with the family and celebrating more birthday.

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