Day Book 03.17.15

Outside My Window: It’s a little rainy. We’ll take it.

I am hearing: Watching that show with the guy that never dies…he’s an ME. Can’t think of the name of it.

I am thinking: I’m strangely excited for my little field trip tomorrow. I get to play the Publishers Clearinghouse Prize patrol and award our most recent winner part of the academy awards thing I mentioned before on facebook. Have I mentioned everyday is a new adventure and I love it? Had my annual review. When the “b” tells you to tell him what he can do to help me to help manage him you feel pretty smug in a weird way. Never thought I’d hear a phrase like that from a “b”. You like my cryptic language. Also I had no idea that my proofing skills were actually part of my review. Kind of crazy right?

I am hoping: That all of the last minute things for the “academy awards” ties up this week. I have no idea what I will do with myself afterwards. I”m sure that they will find something.

Plans for the week: Besides presenting the publishing clearing house? Just finished the bunco. I didn’t have any extravagant win but a consolation prize is always nice. I really don’t know what I’d do with myself with out my outings every month.

Picture Thoughts: These two…


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