About That…

I had no idea time really has slipped that far away since I last blogged.. February 12th?! Really. I really feel like this month is literally already almost over and it’ only the 11th.

How about a rambling bullet list to cover what you missed on me?

-So the place where I reside 8-5 has me hopping busy. Which it normally has its ebbs and flows but it’s been more of a geyser lately. I think this is why I feel this month is already over. When you have to schedule meetings for someone else weeks in advance, it makes one feel like that I suppose. The main thing that has kept me busy is my role on the academy awards lunch…yeah not really but sorta. We have a luncheon every year that honors those in customer service aka tellers, and phone people who were nominated because they did something awesome. It’s really a great thing and this girl that’s who is the party planner of sorts getting everything taken care of. I am loving it but it’s kind of like planning a wedding.. guest lists to maintain…catering and table arrangements and center pieces…and programs oh my. Not to mention ordering trophies and then I get to help present! My own wedding wasn’t even this “organized and extravagant”.

I’m not complaining, I’m actually loving it, it’s just stressful at times. Whew.

-A follow-up to the Suessical thing. We created a bigger, more bold Wocket in the Pocket. I personally thought I had out done myself and had really put my Visual Communications degree to good to use.


The youngest of course hated it, like tears in his eyes this is the worst thing I have ever had to do kind of hate. (The picture above reflected the slightest mood of I’m okay with this for now.) When the incident went down with the teacher, he really truly thought he had gotten out of it completely. He just despised the whole idea of dancing and entertaining old folks that much. I explained to him repeatedly until I was blue in the face, if you’re going to be an entertainer this is the kind of thing you will have to do. This is the only real entertainment these folks get, you will put a smile on their face and possibly bring them joy. He was not seeing any of it. After threats of grounding if there wasn’t a change in attitude, he agreed. You know what? Of course you do. It wasn’t that bad after all. Imagine that! I think he may have actually enjoyed it.Imagine that. Why does this child have to challenge me from every fiber of my being? Exhausting.

-Lets see, I was supposed to take next week off for a mini family vacation. I am so paranoid and stressed about the “academy awards” that I told the hubs we need to reschedule because I know I will be too panicked on minute details the week before the thing that it wouldn’t be worth the trip. I told him, “honey, I will drive you bat sh*t crazy the whole time…probably a little more than usual.” That pretty much convinced him.  So we will go in July when I am sure things have settled…ha..ha.

-We had a great time at the family engineering fair at the school. I have a few genius friends one of who is an actual engineer for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. Another friend who’s father is an engineer and she is pretty stinking smart herself so yeah I totally needed their expertise on domino bridge building.

I’m not sure why the pics are so small, I’m sure it’s a setting on my phone.


I think that covers all things Bossy Boy. Haven’t said that name in forever.

Happy Blog Birthday to me … checking the timeline 3/04/07 was my first post dive in. I pretty much kept it private for the first month. I really should have tried harder to keep the following I had when I was at blogger and I really should go the extra mile to visit more blogs and be active again but the time, I just don’t have it, but I do really miss it.

That should it do it for the missed month of ramble. Whew.


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