Day Book 02.12.15

Outside My Window: Crazy cold outside and some precipitation is happening in the morning, which is that bad time of morning when you’re not sure how bad it will be and it’s supposed to come right around when the buses come so the question is, will they delay/close school or tough it out? It’s probably going to come in too late in the morning to really tell.

I Am Hearing: The hubs play his game

I Am Thinking: Random thoughts of unknown origin..too many to keep track.

I Am Hoping: That it’s not too bad to drive in tomorrow. I think the worst part is supposed to come Tuesday or Wednesday but who really knows.

Weekend Update: We didn’t do much but mainly hang around the house as usual. I made a brave attempt to let the boy drive around the neighborhood. He really needs to practice just getting the hang of the brake and gas motion and how and when to use it. It was definitely an experience that made me realize how much practice he really needs and that we need to do it every day just so he can be more comfortable and not freak out. I also have to learn to not freak out. I think I have a little more patience than the hubs. I know that if the hubs was taking him around right off the bat he would be more discouraged and unwilling to want to learn based on our previous experience. If I take him until he becomes more comfortable just in the neighborhood then the hubs can take him out in the actual real world traffic. At least this is my theory.

Plans For The Week: Depending on the weather, there’s a possibility of my work group doing a little bowling. We apparently have this new bowling alley that is all retro and Big Lebowski like (aren’t all bowling alleys like that?) so we want to check it out.

Picture Thoughts: The hubs and I date night Valentines.

Beautiful evening and then it got really cold and iced the next day, that’s just how we roll with weather around here. You take what you get this time of year.


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