That Thing About That Movie

I know what you’re thinking, oh boy here we go…  I promise, you don’t have to read this and you certainly don’t have to agree with my thoughts and opinion. I just needed to get things off my mind.

I do everything in my power not to form an opinion on Facebook. It’s just gotten to the point of exhaustion seeing one extreme to the other of all things politics and religion. I almost don’t enjoy knowing what’s going on in people’s lives anymore because it seems there are too few of those kind of feeds and too much of the flood of articles and strong points of view of others. I feel almost so overwhelmed that forming my own opinion there is not worth it. Which is why I don’t post it on facebook. I kind of live by the rule “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all” mentality. Maybe I’m weird like that.

I’m sure you’ve seen the articles that are beating this movie to death, crucifying it so to speak based on its premise and that there is no love story and the actors hated it and blah blah. Of course, I understand where they are coming from as I know they have little to no information to go on other than what they hear and not on what they’ve read from the actual books. The actors probably didn’t read the books either. And that’s okay.

I just want to give a tiny bit of story background (yes it’s a spoiler)..sue me. I’m also not trying to convince anyone to read the books, as it really is a personal choice because of the type of book it is. I get that completely.  ( I also really don’t want to out right come out with what specific book/movie I’m talking about, as I am not a boat rocker and certainly don’t want a google search result that will produce a commentary of torch bearers and pitch forks to burn the blog down. You’re pretty smart you can probably easily figure it out.)

CG was a product of child abuse at the age of 4. His mom was a crack addict and her significant other beat her to death and beat him as well- he literally burned out his cigarettes into his chest. This person left his mother for dead with CG at 4, and alone for several days with no food and a dead mother. –I get that this is fiction but it somehow really affected me. You won’t find out this tidbit of information until book 2. Yet I feel most form their strong opinion of protest based on little information they do receive from book 1 and don’t care to read book 2 if they even finish book 1 or read it at all.

That’s just the first of his issues. He then is seduced by his adopted mother’s best friend at 15 and he became a sub. for 7 years. Then of course into his adult life of changing the role to dom. All of his subs resembled a likeness of his mother including A(A was never his sub by the way, she consented to doing the things he did because, I guess she had an open mind, she wanted to try it before she signed the dotted line. She freaked out completely and left him-which I think would be a normal reaction). It became a way to deal with what his mother did to him.

Ann changes him for the better, and that is really the underlying premise of the whole series but it takes a long time of getting to that point and there are certain aspects of the book that are a hard thing to read and watch to get there. They do love each other, it is a love story, he is willing to change his way of thinking about love and relationships and accept that his way of doing things isn’t “normal”.  One has to understand that this is all he knows in coping with the f*cked upness that was his childhood. A person’s traumatic childhood can damage a person for their entire adulthood if not handled early and with professional help. Mental illness is such a hard thing for maybe normal people to accept as a problem in this country.  It kills me how much I read on all those issues with insurance not covering it and the lack of facilities to cure it. Sorry I kind of got off on a tangent.

It’s so easy to form a biased opinion when you don’t have all the information. I am so guilty of it myself so I probably have no soap box to stand on. I guess what I’m saying is I formed some kind of weird acceptance and unconventional love of these characters and their flaws and that they know out rightly they have issues. Don’t we all? So I feel like I can be the one voice for these characters and give them the defense they deserve or may be don’t deserve.

I never said her writing style was fantastic, her books were all fanfiction based. She probably never intended to make her stories into books but obviously some people enjoyed them enough and got what her intentions were, even if it wasn’t greatly written. Sometimes you have to just skim through the crap to find the jewels. When you’ve read them cough 3 times you get a better understanding and perspective of the writer’s intentions.

The movie itself  didn’t do the book any justice at all and it probably did come out even more harsh to those who hadn’t read the book, it was butchered pretty significantly but I think that’s typical for any movie based on a book anymore. I went in pretty much with low expectations. I heard that the author had a strong hand in the production process and it was hard for them to really make it how Hollywood wanted to have made it. That may have been for the best.

Overall I did enjoy the movie to a degree, they nailed the humor of A and the actress made the movie, the rest just kind of fell behind. I admit it was more “graphic” than I expected for an R rating. Some areas I felt were just not that necessary but there you go it is what it is.

Thank you kind reader for allowing me to get this off my chest. I will continue with my regular blog business as usual next post.



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