Day Book 02.09.15

Outside My Window: Can I just say it was 72 degrees out with little no to wind  (the wind makes all the difference) and it was magnificent. Please don’t kill me.

I Am Hearing: It’s late and not much sound going but the hubs sniffling. He’s not sick he’s doing what men do I suppose. Snorting is more the word for it. Yeah I said it.

I Am Thinking: I talked myself out of heading to NOLA this week. You probably knew it was coming. She put her house up for sale last week and I’m pretty sure it would be really inconvenient for me and the gang to crash at her house. Not that she wouldn’t have minded but I would have felt really guilty. I’m actually not disappointed in the least, I’d already prepared for a let down so to speak.

I Am Hoping: To get started very soonish with my little back to school escapade. I really have lost my mind but I think I will enjoy it so there’s that.

Other Thoughts: I mentioned eons ago that a co-worker is writing a book and she offered me the chance to be a second reader. May be she’ll acknowledge me in her book when its published. How cool would that be? I’m just stoked to be called a “second reader” to a future author. Cause that sounds pretty important and stuff. I still have no idea the storyline but it is fiction and she’s made one of her main characters a twitter account and her character tweets potential happenings in the book as if it were currently happening. How hip is that? It’s taken her two years to write it and it will still be awhile before it goes to publish. I will keep you posted on how it went and probably will review the book too of course.

Plans For The Week: Well, it is Valentines week/end. Tomorrow is Bunco for my second Bunco group. Wednesday I have another possible opportunity to go to a Thunder game and then there’s Valentine’s weekend. I’m not expecting flowers, even from a husband that literally works at a major flower dot com. I know, I’ve already crossed that bridge and it’s not worth it in the end. Yes I may or may not be seeing a certain major movie coming out this weekend. That’s all I’ll say about that. Bonus that we get a three day weekend.

Weekend Thoughts: I did next to nothing this past weekend and I am completely ashamed of it. I did get a new phone and I feel so very with it to actually say I have the latest and greatest. Which is a complete first for me. My early Valentine. See why I’m not getting flowers.

Picture Thoughts: I have to admit.. I have nothing, I haven’t even really utilized the awesomeness that is my LG3G phone. The camera is pretty awesome I admit. Next time for sure.


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