Day Book 02.02.15

Outside My Window: It is certainly colder, though it could be worse, we could be facing a white out blizzard like you guys up north. You won’t hear complaints from me.

I Am Hearing: The hubs is playing the slot game that has Jeopardy. It’s kind of loud.

I Am Thinking: Next week is supposedly my little trip east for Mardi Gras. I haven’t even told the boss yet. I’m kind of stressed about it in a way, the kids have no real desire to go -I’m sure it will change once they get there. I’m kind of psyching myself out about the drive and thinking of lame excuses not to go.  I do this to myself every time about things like this. I’ll wallow in self pity if I don’t go and stress the whole time until I finally get there. One more lame excuse is that I just took a partial vacation day for the funeral and then there will be another for next week and then next month we’re taking a few days for Branson…

I Am Also Thinking: I want to get back into doing I Heart Faces or some kind of photo challenge again. If you tell me what to take a picture of it helps me a little more than just take a random picture and go, then all you would see is pics of kids and dogs. This time of year it’s too gloomy to be creative and shoot outside. I need a challenge.

Weekend Recap: Not much got accomplished this weekend but a trip to the hubs office for a workout. I love that his work has a full gym but of course it’s not even close to the house (the office/gym) and it’s the opposite direction on my drive home from work. Needless to say, we don’t utilize free and gym near enough.

We also bared witness to that nightmare ending of a Super Bowl game. I know you’re a Pats fan, I get it. I had a strong feeling you would win, I just didn’t want it to happen on a dumb play call. With that, it did make for an exciting ending. I really had no vested interest in either team so the stress level was pretty low key.

Commercials I liked: The Doritos commercial with the lady getting on the airplane and the guy offers his bag and she has a baby. The first football draft was cute, of course the Budweiser puppy made me misty eyed. My fave was the Pete Rose commercial. Everyone is of course talking about the depressing ones like the Nationwide commercial. They got you talking about it and that was their point. Oh Marketing, I love you so.

One side note on commercials. People say how outrageous it is for a 30 second spot for a Super Bowl commercial. It truly isn’t that outrageous when you get used to being the one that has to pay the bill for that 30 second spot. The production, the editing, the travel, the sound, talent, the whole kitten caboodle is so unbelievably expensive even for a non Superbowl commercial that is not even broadcast nationwide, I don’t even bat an eye anymore. Just thought I’d say that. The more you know….

Speaking of Katy Perry and halftime (do you see what I did there?), I thought it was fantastic, despite the weird beach theme. The 3D chess board amazing.

Plans For The Week: The usual with a side of Bunco. The theme this month is lumber jack. Should be easy enough.

Picture Thoughts: I finally got the youngest to a Thunder Game. He was overwhelmed with how huge the arena was. He said he literally pictured his school gym and that is why he had no real desire to go. He was pretty overwhelmed at first and even mentioned it was a good thing he wasn’t scared of heights. He did request he take a selfie with my phone.


We were up pretty high. Cheap seats=free seats.

Forgive me and my photographic trespasses.



One thought on “Day Book 02.02.15

  1. I actually really enjoyed the Half Time Show. Were the sharks a bit much? Yes, but have you ever seen Katy Perry before? I think a bit much was to be expected. I didn’t really care about the game one way or another (but don’t tell my New England family and friends that I said that).

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