5 Years Ago: Then and Now

This may be a strange picture representation for this kind of post but to me, at this certain time, it was such a little sign of hope and that things were going to okay during a unsettled time and to just enjoy the simple  things in life.

This dragonfly on my car antenna stayed there long enough for me to run back in the house grab the camera, adjust my settings and click away. I felt so empowered in a way with my semi mad photo skills. Glad I found it rummaging through the photos of 2010. Admits I’m swooning a little and feeling inspired.

5 years ago we were in a bit of pinch and I can honestly tell you that this was definitely a period of time where we were in the thick of life’s challenges. We were sort of just settling in from moving back from Texas after the economy determined for us that it was time to move back “home” whether we liked it or not. I had just started a new job in November and was feeling overwhelmed with the newness of it all and the journey of the unknown for the hubs and his career path.

I admit, I was a little bit scared to death as being the only bread winner of the household for a little while is not something I ever expected to cross off my life crises list. We made it through with a little time and patience. At the time it felt like next to never.

I was also taking the plunge by heading back to college to pursue some creative pursuits. If you would have told me that this new job I stared 5 years ago would lead me to where I am now, same place but a total 180 of career doings, I might have believed you but not in the sense of believing in what I would be doing.

Oh poor 5 years ago me. Bless her heart. It is going to be okay honey. We made it… sorta and you love the intricacies and nuances of your current job. Never a dull moment for the most part.


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