Day Book 01.18.15

Outside My Window: It was a gorgeous day for January. I’m talking they were talking it could have reached 70 today. Needless to say we had the top down on the Camaro. I did mention the hubby’s  midlife crises car before right? We got rid of the Leaf and did a full 180 with a Camaro. Yeah were real practical around here.

I Am Hearing: The Seahawks being interviewed about their win. Grumble.

I Am Thinking: I’m looking forward to my extra day off tomorrow. I have plans to tackle a child’s room. We’ll see. I really do feel spoiled that I am getting at least 1 or 2 extra days off for the next few months. I’m really glad I had some vacation overage as well.

Weekend Wrap Up: Yesterday we splurged mistakenly on the dogs and bought fancy harnesses. Paid way more that I ever planned to spend and told the hubs to tell check out lady no. Because of course the price wasn’t labeled but they were mixed in with others showed around $18. Ugh. Any who, today less than 24 hours after getting said leash she chewed through it, in two.

I know it’s huge and stretched out…and sure I have a degree supposedly in fixing this but meh…
Do you see the cute pink harness? That was just this morning and now it’s worthless. Wondering if they would take my money back?

Plans For The Week: The typical same dang thing I do every day. Not much to look forward to but Monday. Which I will gladly take.

Picture Thoughts: In case you missed it…

My people thought I had lost my mind but this kind of thing just doesn’t happen on a daily. The funny thing was I was wincing for the major crash and when it wasn’t as bad as I thought I glanced over and bam just like that.


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