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First of all look at me posting more than once or twice in a month. Go me. I didn’t set some kind of goal to post more this year. This is how resolutions should work, you just think of these things on your own without really telling yourself do this like a goal or feel like a failure if you don’t . I’m pretty sure this kind of thing only works for mindless and pointless rambling blog posts.

Second of all there is a very good likelihood that I will be heading to Mississippi to visit a very dear friend who lives somewhat near New Orleans which means a bucket list check off of attending Mardi Gras. I have no intention to “party hard” at Bourbon Street, I can’t even imagine the crowds but that is not the only place where a multitude of parades are held. I just think it would be a fun experience and bringing a kid or two to enjoy it with me is also part of the plan. I will be driving by myself per say. I used to drive from Texas to OK all the time so a 12 hour drive is somewhat of a stretch for me but I think I can manage it, I hope. It would basically be the same route I took except driving on into LA. It should be interesting to say the least.  I also know that now that I’ve declared it on the blog it won’t happen because that’s how things tend to work out when I post something. I’m looking at you Garth Brooks concert.

What else?

The 9-5 thing. I’ve been given more duties which is great because I love a busy filled day. As usual everyday is something completely different for the most part, the same but different. I’ve seriously considered starting up an anonymous blog about admin. assistants and the crazy unusual super hero antics we go through on a daily and write about it in a humorous way. I’ve been too chicken to start it because you know it’s my living and making fun of it might be frowned upon. I had/have some great stories (to me) but I’m slowly getting to where the unusual is the norm and I don’t find it as humorous or story worthy in a way anymore. Not that it’s a bad not humorous. The thing is, if you were “dying” to read it and why wouldn’t you? I couldn’t really give you the link because that would give away the whole anonymity aspect of it.

I may just have to “google” to see if there is a particular bloggy group like this and jump on their bandwagon. Because I have all the time in the world to work, facebook, binge watch Downtown Abbey and blog two blogs oh and squeeze in house, dogs, and being a mom and wife stuff. Priorities.

I also miss doing those random Thursday 13 posts. I was actually fairly good at being entertaining on those. Sheesh that was eons ago. I may have to dig those up and have a revival of sorts. Maybe I could start a new old blog trend. Yeah probably not.


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