Day Book 01.11.15

Outside My Window: Cloudy with a chance of cold. Some kind of wintery mix is coming we’ll see, the weathermen have been getting it wrong a lot lately. When it’s snowed they predicted just rain and when it rained they predicted ice. They seem to be making up some pretty lame excuses too.

I Am Hearing: The Colts Broncos game. I have not been into football all season and now suddenly my interest has re sparked despite the fact that none of the teams playing are really my team. Some if not all of you could care less. My apologies…just random thoughts.

I Am Thinking: I missed announcing my little sisters birthday on facebook today. Sometimes I go through spells where I barely post anything -due to lack of anything worth posting and then suddenly I feel like I’m probably over sharing on facebook. Nobody cares about your photo of domo kon (I think that’s who that guy is) on a toy horse I’m sure.

Weekend: We have had a busy weekend of playing dress up and partying at the husbands company party. I love that they do it after Christmas when things have settled down from the holidays. I will say that these people know how to party and it’s a little overwhelming compared  to my company parties. Which there is none except for ten year anniversaries. We had a blast despite the questionable singing/screaming of karoke. The photo booth was a hoot if anything.

Highlight of Last Week: Can you tell I’m making up new topics?

The youngest was in the school wide spelling bee. Which to me is a big deal because I surely never made it past the class bee. He told me it was a total fluke that he made it in the first place cause a kid spelled a really easy word wrong. My main focus was for him to study the “harder” words. Here is where I state that I feel like I’m a fairly well read person and words  are something I understand. Not these words not only could I not even remotely spell them, I had never even heard of it to even provide even a clue of a definition. Completely clueless. I used to do the word quiz things in the Reader’s Digest as a teen. I was pretty decent at it. I guess I need to brush up. Maybe I have been reading too many YA novels.

Anyway. I made a hard decision not to attend the event as I thought it would make him more nervous, that and I have taken off the last what seems several Fridays and felt it’s been a bit excessive. Poor guy got out on “friend”. I was glad in a sense that I didn’t take off for him to be out in the first round. I know.  He seriously could not believe that friend didn’t start out with e. I had to explain that the rules for I and E are terrible and he shouldn’t be too hard himself. I’m sure he’ll never forget it from now to eternity.

Plans for the Week: The usual norm. Bunko is Tuesday which is always something to look forward to.


Photo of the Week:

How about some random pics from New Years too?

The boys had a great time just hanging out inside where it is warm, tons of giant sized games to play with.

I could not get much cooperation from the boys. I was loving the lighting and probably could have been artsy if I would have tried harder and had my bigger camera.

It was cold for reals…


One thought on “Day Book 01.11.15

  1. Somehow we’ve never managed to go to hubby’s company holiday party and now I find out that they’ve stopped holding it altogether. I guess convincing a bunch of science geeks to dress up and be social was too much to ask!

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