The Doctor Has Been Replaced

I’ve taken the plunge (finally!) and am watching Downtown Abbey. It’s not that I didn’t want to watch it by any means, but simply the minute I decided to watch it on Netflix, Netflix decided I didn’t need to watch it and took it away from me. At the time we didn’t have Amazon Prime and so I figured it wasn’t meant to be.

Since we’ve had a dispute with the cable company (gah I hate cable) we decided to go low and just buy Amazon Prime and Netflix and watch our beloved BBT on CBS online the next day. I hate not being able to binge watch BBT from TBS but we are determined to be strong in our protest of cable. We will have to patiently wait for new Doctor Who but we’ll live.

I actually remember when we lived in North Texas that we didn’t have “anything”  ( that sounded like we were destitute) and Netflix was more geared for sending movies to you and streaming shows wasn’t as popular, seems like that was decades ago, but it was only 6… not decades..years.

Anyway, what was the point? Oh my adoration for Downtown Abbey. You know what the perfect thing I love about Downtown so far? Is that it is a SERIES that keeps going and not just a MOVIE that ENDS. This way I get all the good and bad feels over and over each new season I watch it. Love it! I’ve been over due for a new addiction. Let’s be honest, my love for Doctor Who has kind of waned. I think this last storyline went kind of stale. There I said it, I have a new love now.

I’ve literally just finished season 2. I seriously really binging during my mini vacation and catch up to season 5 but 3 days worth of 4 seasons is a bit much even for me. Don’t think for a minute I didn’t try. I had my share of 3-4 hour sessions late into the night the last few days.

Swoon. I didn’t think it (it as in the last episode, the last two minutes-no spoilers here) would happen this soon. I’m led to assume that more drama is to come. I can handle it, I think for now. Right now, so very happy. You don’t know how many times I wanted to punch the lap top for various reasons.

The only problem with watching period British shows is I start talking in my head as if I am British and thinking I am a wife or daughter of some well established lord. Reality and fantasy get a bit mushed together. I have called the husband “my lord”  out of silliness…unfortunately he didn’t get it. I would try to make him watch it but I know it’s pointless. You can’t bring a horse to water…

Can I also just say LOVE Maggie Smith and LOVE her character and whit.

I know this is all so old news to everyone else. Indulge me please. Pat my head, tell me there there, fix me a cup of tea. Would you?

You’re supposed to respond with “Yes, my lady.”



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