Books Read In 2014

How lame am I to do a 2014 list post the first day of 2015 when everyone has already said adios to 2014? This girl of course.

Here is the really sad thing. I used to think I had a pretty good memory, I can recall many a random things from 20 years ago, things that most people would question why it was so important to remember something so insignificant in the first place but I can, I was going to give a really great example and for the life of me I can’t think of a dang thing. My mind is pretty foggy with a head cold so I’m blaming that.

This isn’t a “top” list. I don’t feel I read enough top books to claim that kind of list.

Fault In Our Stars -John Green -Sometimes it’s okay to go into a book knowing your going to have a really good cry but also know that the wit and humor will come along with it, add a few awesome quotes and that’s my kind of book. Bonus points for a sweet love story.

The Divergent Series- I’m really not sure what  else new to say about this series. I will say it may be a frame of mind. There were a lot of people that hated Mockingjay because Katniss was so sad and whiny and woe is me. I never really felt that way reading it, in fact I loved Mockingjay and all of it’s complexity. I say this because I feel like what people said about Mockinjay I feel for parts 2 and 3 of Divergent. I’ve never honestly not cared so little about characters like I did these two. I can’t even really explain why. I’m  thinking the movies will be better. The first was decent. But it’s hard for me to get used to what’s her name in Divergent being the same one in Fault In Our Stars. I think I’ve said enough about this one.

Cinder, Cress, Scarlet -I don’t know how many more times I can swoon on a dystopian series but I guess if I’m going to hate on one then I’m for sure going to love on another. This is the first of a series where I have read it and then waited months and months for the next to come out. I’m waiting patiently on the next one but she’s doing one of those side stories first and I just want to get to the ending dang it. If you love Hunger Games and you love The Selection Series you will totally love this one. I’ll even make you dear reader a deal. You read this series and I’ll read FanGirl. I know I plan to read it anyway but here’s incentive.

I’ve actually really thought about a new book club idea where you suggest someone read a certain series or book that you have read and absolutely love than you/I read a book or series that you love. Then you come back and discuss how much you loved/hated their/your books.

The One -Of course.

The Night Circus- Enjoyed this one a lot too. I realize I was late to come on board with this one. Glad I did. Glad Good Reads is there to remind me of what I read and when.

What Alice Forgot and The Last Letter From Your Lover. Both were ones I didn’t finish. What Alice Forgot seemed so overly predictable that I couldn’t stand to keep reading just to see what I figured I already knew. Though who knows I could have completely been wrong.

Eleanor and Park. This book was hard for me. Don’t get me wrong I liked it a lot but dang it was still hard with all the feels. I’m not sure what I was really expecting, because I went in basically knowing nothing what it was about, but that everyone loved it. I think that was my mistake, I went in not knowing. Compared to Fault In Our Stars where I did have a general idea, this one should have been one where I was a little more prepared for what I was getting into. I think that makes a big difference and sometimes you do have to mentally prepare.

The Vampire Academy. I could take it or leave it. It was a good filler for in betweens. I don’t think I’d make any extra effort to continue the series.

That was about it. That’s a few more than usual for me and this didn’t include my random assortment of cheesy romance novels which I enjoy like bad snack food.





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