How Ugly Are Your Branches

Oh Christmas tree….


I’ve had the tree up just about right at a week. Seriously. We just put it up Friday and of course there is a story behind that.

The boys have been in no hurry for Christmas at all. When the day after Thanksgiving rolled around and like most folks putting up the tree is standard, around here it’s just another Friday. The hubs and I decided to test the boys on how long it would take them to show an ounce of concern for lack of tree. Granted we don’t normally put our tree up that early ever. The second weekend of December works out nicely for us. I also just really wasn’t to much into the spirit. I’ve completely given up on my annual Christmas card creation due to lack of interest from other parties. I don’t necessarily “expect” a Christmas card from everyone  I send to  but it would be nice to get more than one or two. Just sayin.

During my grinchiness, the hubs and I waited patiently for any kind of question of when the tree would be up from the boys. I even gave glaring clues, like “man it sure feels like we are lacking something festive around here.” Or “are we forgetting something really important that Santa might find missing?” Yeah it took them until  the 17th to really come right out and question the tree. That was with me saying, guys do you have any clue when Christmas is? Like hello 7 days away.

With that being said there 2 reasons for their lack of urgency in the matter. Our tree is 12 foot tall and pre lit. We …cough.. he..bought it at a thrift store for a reasonable price as he really wanted a huge tree. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but the thing is an albatross to put together and nobody wants to lose the spirit putting up a dang tree.

The other reason for their hesitancy was they wanted a real tree. So on Friday the 19th, the grinches heart grew 2 sizes and she killed two birds with one stone by chopping down a live somewhat Christmas like pine tree from her own yard. Because that’s what grinches do when they save Christmas.

The tree itself was also an albatross cutting down. Thanks to my oldest who was literally getting off the school bus on his final day of school and was immediately asked to help with his grinchy mother’s situation in chopping the tree. He had no words for the utter confusion and ridiculousness of chopping down a tree in your own yard with the assistance of grandmother. I actually blame the idea  of chopping down the tree on my mother. I honestly had the idea in my head but didn’t say it out loud.

We finally got that sucker chopped down and dragged it into the house and it was the works of Macgyver and the grinches tinkering to get it to stand in the stand. There may or may not have been tethered ropes involved…tethered to whatever was strong enough to hold it up..the window maybe..a table.

It was not in the least a pretty tree but dang it, it had character and it represented Christmas and that’s all that really mattered. The dogs sure did adore it.

We put just enough ornaments to call it decorated and the lights were just haphazardly strung on with just the primary goal of being the light of Christmas spirit or something silly like that.

The tree at this point is still up and has been knocked down twice and ornaments obliterated by an overactive pup. We will take it down eventually but dang that’s a tree with true character and who says we can’t leave it up a little longer since we’ve barely had it up a week.

I feel very confident that my boys will vaguely remember any of the “pretty” trees we ever had before and in the future, but I bet you dollars to donuts they will always remember this tree. Making new memories seems way more important than just going through the motions of old “tradition”.




One thought on “How Ugly Are Your Branches

  1. I was kind of border line grinchy myself this year. We have a faux tree that we’ve been using for a few years and I eventually put it up and threw a few ornaments up but I was so not sure if I trusted the dog to not eat the whole damn tree so I didn’t put much effort in. Amazingly, he’s been pretty damn good with it. I may not take it down until like Valentines Day because – hello? Lazy.

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