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I still can’t understand why WordPress makes it so many steps difficult for me to find the New Post button. Isn’t that the whole point of a blog host, to let me post? Never mind that I don’t post enough to get the hang of it, that is beside the point.

Let’s see… I got accepted into the Master Writing program, so I’m stoked about that. I won’t start until February which is perfectly fine with me because a break during the holidays would be lovely. To think this time last year I “assumed” I was done with all matter of learning via school. I know better than to assume.
Now I just have to finish this accounting class which is not near as terrible as the last class but I have no desire to really try but I still must float by as it’s better to just finish the class than cut out right in the middle. FAFSA is picky like that.

We survived Halloween. I’ve probably mentioned the non stop drama that occurs with the youngest and dressing up too many times. Once it actually occurs he then immediately goes into “diva” mode and everything about his costume has to be just so. He demanded I run to the Dollar Store to get him his bow and arrows to complete his costume of Arrow. Of course I jumped in the car at the last minute to get him said bow and arrow (the cheap dollar kind). Of course they didn’t have any. I then proceeded to talk him into getting a nifty sword that would be just as cool. It took 10 minutes of convincing him that it was this or nothing at all. When he got it home he determined it was indeed a pretty cool sword.

There was literally no one else trick or treating in the neighborhood and there were very few houses that were open for business. I guess more kids now a days do the trunk or treat thing.
This was before I jumped in the car to get his own bow. He refused to carry his daddy’s bow around the block.

I realize the older two are too old for dressing up, but you’re only a kid for a short while and who am I to refuse to let a kid remain a kid? This for sure is his last. I think. He does think his excuse is valid as he is taking his little brother out. Yes they went a lone for a short while. Yes they had their cell phone, and yes they were fine. I picked them up on the other side once they complained via text it was too cold and they were tired.

Also we got a puppy, because my husband is weak and if someone mentions they are planning on getting rid of a dog…well the conversation ends there.

This is Abigail and Pebbles too of course. I tried really hard to persuade everyone to call her River Rose but they wouldn’t have it. I’ve named or convinced on the names of the last two dogs, so I let this one slide. She still doesn’t really look like an Abigail to me. I have yet to really call her anything else but puppy. She’s a good sweet girl for a puppy that is.

That’s all I have right now. Besides the fact that my oldest is now officially legal to have a permit. The thought of the future costs we are to endure just for this child to drive makes me want to pretend this whole thing is not happening at all. He’s in no big hurry. I keep thinking did I really jump after getting my permit the second I turned 15 and half? I did not. I had a month or so before drivers ed started. So really there is no immediate need for me to get him on to this whole permit thing right now. My only fear is that the winter months are coming and Oklahoma roads are sketchy in winter ..or course that is if we get any precipitation which we are expected this year based on models. But who knows? I just don’t want him missing out on driving opportunities and before we know it he’s sixteen. Again no hurry.


One thought on “A Post

  1. I wouldn’t rush the driving thing – the months don’t matter in the long run, wait until the roads are clear and you are both ready. LOVE the costumes! That’s a fantastic Doctor you have there! I think everyone expected MM to dress up as Doctor Who again this year but despite his on going love of all things Time Lord, he took a break to do something new.

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