A Meme or Something

You always know it’s been a day or two since blogging when WordPress goes on updating stuff without you. Not sure how I feel about this change yet. I’m guessing for those mobile bloggers that need to blog from their phone. Whatever.

Let’s see before I get started on the meme… I’m in the process of transferring from my MBA to something more my speed…writing. I’m waiting to be accepted so send good vibes for me. Did I mention this already before?
Also I was this close to making the opening ceremonies speech for our local Race for the Cure for work but the boss came through for me and did the speech for me. He had the better credentials after all and if I would have gotten up there the all of two people who were paying attention to the speech would have questioned my authority on giving the speech on behalf of the presenting sponsor. I could see it….just who does she think she is? …who is she again? Where as the boss actually has a title that sounds more important, if you catch what I mean.

Another warm fuzzy for the day… the copywriter actually asked for my advice on a certain way a piece should have been written. This from the girl who’s writing for the blog is less than stellar. One of these days I will actually get to write something for the work place. Watch out world when that happens, even if it’s one sentence and it’s printed and posted for all of our customers to see, Jeanie will feel the need to take that piece and frame it with a big gold star or something. It doesn’t take much to thrill me.

On to the Meme I suppose.

Sit Down Restaurant: Teds is our local favorite Tex Mex place. I have so many favorites though.

Cookie: Mmmm.. well I’ve never met a cookie I didn’t like but the frozen cookies from Otis Spunkmeyer-mint chocolate chip is pretty delish.

Bath Product Scent: I think it’s called Hello Sunshine from B&B. I had to get 2 bottles because I liked it so much. It’s just clean and citrus like but not overly orange smelling.

TV Shows: Of course the regulars Who, Big Bang Theory, I started on How to Get Away With Murder but haven’t been dedicated. I enjoy Selfie too (Jen) but haven’t had a chance to consistently watch it. Scorpion is also a good one that we have stuck with so far and really like.

Flower/Plant: Mmmm…that’s a good one. I am really big on sunflowers this time of year so there’s that.

Bad For Me Snack: Ice Cream is my nemesis but I love it dearly. I recently had banana pudding ice-cream and it was everything banana pudding and ice-cream could be. Thank you Blue Bell for that. If you don’t get Blue Bell where you’re from, I’m sorry so so very sorry.

Magazine: I guess I’m a Family Circle girl. I rarely get to really read it, my mother orders me a subscription but mostly it sits nicely on my coffee table (when the coffee table is cleared off) and looks pretty only to be removed at the next clearing of said coffee table.

Hobby (besides blogging): I have really become addicted to the whole wine and palette thing. If you missed my T.A.D.I.S painting on facebook..well you really missed out. On top of that I have painted two Halloween scenes that I haven’t posted yet. These were actually ones that I did at home which is cheaper. I plan on another actual “class” in the near future. It completely gives me that creative outlet that is kind of taking place of my photography habit-though I sorely miss it. It really almost fills that need over writing, almost.

Holiday: I of course enjoy Christmas like everyone else, as well as Halloween. I enjoyed getting dressed up for work but we don’t dress up anymore as too many people have been offended- no idea. The boys including the youngest is totally not into Halloween besides the candy. He doesn’t want to dress up, he hates wearing masks or painting his face. He would dress up like Sheldon like he did last year if he could get away with it. I think we have settled on Indiana Jones. Do you remember a long time ago the oldest was Indiana? Well the youngest is now the same age that the oldest was when he was Indiana. I made that awesome whip out of duct tape and everything. I think I still have the whip somewhere. Anyway, they could care less about decorating or carving pumpkins. Lame is what they are.

Favorite Thing to do for Girls Night Out: Bunco is about the only GNO I really get once a month. I enjoy it.

Favorite Thing to do for a Date Night: The hubs and I like to take on the thrift store, and just run random errands. Lucky for us the oldest is a good babysitter. The boys really get along when we’re out and we never have any trouble with them when we’re out. It’s nice.


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