My Thoughts On New Shows So Far

I’ve actually never been big on new show premieres. I think it’s actually been a really really long time since I’ve even been halfway interested in any new shows in say never. This season seems a little more interesting and I shockingly have a long list of potential shows I want to watch and will probably review. So as of tonight here are my thoughts on what I’ve seen so far.

BBT ( Big Bang Theory) It’s not new of course, well it know what I mean. It didn’t do much for me. I really thought there would be some intriguing new changes what with all the changes happening, though I guess Penny’s hair and new job is bringing that change, but still it was pretty much status quo. Which is fine, because I’ve been very fearful they would jump the shark. BTW did I miss something where she was no longer going to pursue acting?

Scorpion  I think this one will do well. I like the storyline of “geniuses” solving the government’s problems. It definitely gives me an Alias/ Sherlock vibe. Who doesn’t love acute attention to details and planes crashing due to bad software glitches? I think they picked a great time frame for right after BBT. I most likely will watch again.

Forever I wanted to try to like this one. It was trying WAY to hard to be like another Sherlock with a Captain Jack Harkness feel to it based on the never dying thing. I’m not sure why they are all trying to jump on all of this attention to details bandwagon and then make detectives look really dumb like they have no clue about what to look for in suicide cases that aren’t suicide cases. This storyline itself is really really old. Just saying. There is a unique twist with his not dying thing but I’m not sure if it has captured my attention enough to come back. Dang, just thinking about the storyline I think I just figured it out…at least I have a theory.

We also watched the new episode of Agents of Shield. This is one where I have been roped into watching and I didn’t want to try to get involved but did anyway. Yes, the new story is intriguing. Yes, Lucy Lawless (Xena) appeared in this one. Hope she sticks around. It’s certainly going to be a new story that I really don’t want to get into but I know I will anyway.

Next up will be Selfie and How To Commit Murder. I have high hopes for both but I have a feeling only one will stay standing.

I also have Gotham recorded and I also want to watch The Red Band Society which are the hospital kids on Fox I think.

Tell me your thoughts…what have you watched so far that I need to see? Because the time for some reason, I think I have lots of, all of a sudden.


One thought on “My Thoughts On New Shows So Far

  1. We liked Scorpion but we’re not sure we love it. I have the double edged sword of living with a geek who spent much of the episode saying, “that’s not true,” or “that wouldn’t work” which didn’t help him any. Big Bang Theory never gives us this problem btw.

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