Because My Brain Needs To Defrag

In other words I am on brain over load this week and just need to clear a bunch of junk out of my head. Random conversation at dinner was about history and how the moments that just passed at dinner is now considered undocumented history. I quipped, unless I blog about it. So now it’s for sure documented history that we had dinner today at Furrs and the conversation about history has now been documented. Let it be written Let it be said.

About this week…
Let’s just say I’ve had various “challenges” through out my many careers, none of which I felt actually challenged by all of my mental prowess and with a lot of different aspects all at once, say like coordinating a major process that at this point isn’t just going to take a day or two to do, but weeks. Lists, Spreadsheets, Budgets, Meeting Coordinating, Planning of the Planning kind of stuff. Oh My! My mind is completely blown and I love it and am scared to death of it all at the same time. When I went into the planning of the planning meeting, I had no idea of the capacity of responsibility I would be manhandling pretty much on my own. I’m so used to sitting in on meetings and just shaking my head and nodding and not really being a part of the meeting. Today I was completely the main focus for the meeting to plan and do the stuff I need to do. Hold me because yeah.

Yeah so I needed a major brain dump tonight. Hence the random.
In order to do that I broke out the Guitar Hero and practiced a few bars. I’ve gotten really bad since 2006.
I’ve also been “socially” busy this week doing my wine and paint thing, which is the best thing on the planet for stress relief at least for me. Who cares if the painting isn’t the next Monet?

So the youngest made honor choir. I may have to blog about the “tryouts” or in other words no note was sent home of when they would be and what song or kind of song he needs to sing. In other words we were completely in the dark on when, where, how. It happened at recess. He sang Oklahoma, which he doesn’t know very well at all. We listen to a fairly wide range of music and he knows a wide range of songs; from all of the words to the National Anthem, down to Billionaire by Bruno.
So he made it and here was the kicker, he was told at school and then because he made it and practice was literally that same very day after school, he called the hubs to let him know “hey dad, I made it, btw practice is after school today, so you’ll need to pick me up at 4”. Now like some average American middle class families, both of us work an 8-5 kind of day. So when you give less than 24 hours notice about things like this, it tends to become a real inconvenience. Practice is everyday but Monday and Friday. Like I said a real convenience. (eye roll) Luckily my mother who is the after school amazing wonder grandma, will be picking him up after school like she always does when it comes to any after school activities. Sigh. Next year friends this time, I will have a son that can drive, in other words I have a son that will possibly be able to pick up little brothers’ from school. Let’s not go there yet. The thought literally and utterly completely puts every fear known to man in my soul and I just cannot take that right now this week. I’m sure it will be fine.

Brain dump over and out.


2 thoughts on “Because My Brain Needs To Defrag

  1. When my oldest started driving, I lived in fear for about 2 weeks, and then decided it was the most amazing thing to ever happen. No longer did I have to pick up kids, he could do it. No longer did I have run to the grocery store for a forgotten ingredient for supper, he could do it. It is wonderful! Now number 3 is about to get his license, and I can’t wait!

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