Forgive My Absence…Again

If I had a nickel for every time I begged you to forgive me for the lack of blogging. If your new around here well, this is the norm. Sorry! I’m really quite entertaining or something.

A few random things….

School has been a fantastic start for the first class of mastering the Masters. It’s a management class and I feel very insightful about various things based on my various job experiences. Is it wrong to feel like the smarty pants/teachers pet of the class? It also helps that I read the Wall Street Journal now on a daily basis at work. This is not because I have to but I actually enjoy it and I have lulls where I can actually read it. There’s a lot of “marketing” insight that I find fascinating and it’s been a great resource for class discussions. Yes, I am that girl. I’m not so looking forward to the next class which is some kind of quantitative management skills class. I didn’t even know what that means but I’m thinking math and excel spread sheets may be involved. Gulp.

I could post for days about work and my experiences and thoughts but I’ll spare you. I still love the aspect of kind of in watching the show so to speak. There is always a flurry of action around me and I’m just bubble girl watching from with in. Which brings me to my last point on work, I’m realizing that I’m not great at working individually and prefer a team environment. As the assistant, I’m kind of a one woman show and this is completely different to my normal working style. I think  thrive better in a team. Sure i’m helping out when and where I can but it’s not the same as actually being apart of the team. Sigh. I love my job but I want more. Patience young grasshopper.

The boys. I feel like I never talk about the boys. The boys are so self sustaining for the most part that I kind of feel like a floating entity at home too.

The youngest keeps me on a constant upbeat. I’m grateful that he has that daring outspoken personality that the other two don’t have. He cut part of his hair the other day, simply because they were in his eyes. It was quite the hilarity. I promised him I wouldn’t take a picture or post about it on Facebook but I didn’t mention anything about the blog.

He still sings constantly, which I love. Right now as I type this he is singing Billionaire-Bruno Mars. He has such a range of songs and really doesn’t care who hears it. He’s gotten a lot more confidence on who he sings to. We just heard at Meet The Teacher that there is an honor choir for 5th grade with tryouts. You don’t even know how hard it is to completely obsess about this for him. Him? Meh whatever. I know he’ll tryout and he could probably just show up with little to no practice on a song and just sing whatever pops into his head and make it. Not that I’m over confident or biased or anything. I admit I’m really gushing about the whole thought of him being in honor choir.

The oldest two will both be in high school. This year it’s no big thing, despite the fact I’m putting out of my mind the thought that the oldest will be learning to drive very soon, like November. I admit I’m a little bit in denial and scared out of my mind for him. I’m not even sure how much he really yearns to drive. He doesn’t obsess on it like I did at his age. I’m not sure why he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. He’s looking forward to Drama and Mythology which is actually a history class if you can believe it. Just the Mythology class of course.

I’m not too worried about the middle. He doesn’t go into new situations with apprehension. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know how to act with apprehension. I’m sure it’s the Aspie in him.

I absolutely hate that my photography has gone completely down the drain. I don’t even know the last time I broke out the “big” camera much less where it is at this very moment. Insert very sad face. I promise to remedy that eventually. I have no idea how the yearly photo calendar is going to work out this year.

We are hoping to make a little trip to Dallas in October for DallasCom Fan Days. Insert Nerd Herd Here. I’m just really looking forward to a getaway of any kind. It sounds like a lot of fun with fun guests like the twins from Harry Potter, and Adam West from Batman and some of the actors from Indiana Jones. It’s not exactly San Diego Comic Con but we take what we can get around here.

Let’s see what else. I finished the 3rd book of The Lunar Chronicles. It took me about a month to read it but it was fantastic. It was an audible from the library which is why I think it took longer. I can’t say enough of how much I have enjoyed this series, despite the edge of my seat stress. This hence is why I finally have a chance to blog because it’s like I’ve been plummeted back to reality and I don’t know what else to do with my self if I’m not reading a book or doing homework. The 4th book of the series I think comes out later this year or early next. Pout. I rarely read a series that hasn’t already been finished but this one and The Selection series seems to fall in that category. Now to find something else.








One thought on “Forgive My Absence…Again

  1. I’d love to go to a con someday – there never seems to be one near where we live that I know about anyway. Hope you have fun! And maybe you’ll have more time to blog and take pictures now that your between books!

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