What I’m Into…:

Well I have no real excuse for completely disappearing off the planet. You catch me on facebook don’t you? So it’s not like I have gone too far.

Any who, I needed a Meme and this one seemed where I’m at mentally.

Books I Read: I really thought that I had gotten over the dystopian YA hump but no of course not. It’s never ending and there’s a few series that I wrote down at the bookstore that peaked my interest. Yes friends, I physically went into a bookstore the other day and it was bliss.  I wrote down a few new titles I want to try. That’s for later though. I also wanted to mention how nerdy full circle I came by browsing the YA dystopian section and my text alert sounded, which happens to be Rue’s whistle from HG. No one whistled back, which would have been the most awesome thing on the planet.

Right now I’m reading Cress by Marissa Meyer. If you already read my FB post than you know I am hanging by a thread .. in a good way. This series really increases a notch of thrills each book. The first is always that steady chugging up the roller coaster hill to get you acquainted with things and then it just escalates from there. If you are considering reading Divergent, read this one first honestly, it’s better. I think if you go with out reading the books on Divergent and just watch the movie you won’t miss a thing. In my opinion. One of those rarities where the movie may actually be better,

I also finished The One earlier this month. I enjoyed it. Though I admit at this point I’ve almost completely forgotten how it ended. We’ll just chalk that up with I’ve read a few others since. I am totally into everything in this series too. Just saying. I also didn’t realize that this series is also going to be a movie. I have no further detail than that.

TV SHOWS: I will say that I haven’t marathoned a TV show since my long stint of Doctor Who, but we of course do keep a constant recording of Big Bang Theory on hand and DW too of course.

I caught that new Pawnograpy game show on History and I really like the trivia and the premise. Basically if the contestant wins the round over the Pawn Stars they win an item from the Pawn Shop if they lose they don’t. At the end they “bargain” on a value of Pawn Shop items or cash in exchange of who got more questions right -of course they don’t know who got more right so they haggle the deal before. If they both agree on the deal than no matter what they get the deal. It’s very enjoyable for Trivia buffs like me.

I’m also trying to catch Food Network Stars. I was kind of rooting for the butcher girl and still have hopes for the cowboy dude but I’m not sure how much longer he will last. Can I also just say the girl from last week who made shrimp tacos for kids and then put saraccha sauce on it. Who in their right mind does that? I totally wanted her off just based on that logic. I’m also watching Who’s Line Is It Anyway. I love that they brought back the old cast and it is just as funny as ever. I’m not too into them bringing in C list celebrities for their rounds but it’s not terrible.

MUSIC I’M JAMMING TO: Since my Pitch Perfect tirade I’m listening to a lot of acapella kind of stuff on Pandora like Pennintonix. My jam on the radio right now is AjR I’m Ready -it has that kid from South Park in part of saying I’m Ready I’m Ready… but there’s something about the beat I think that has me totally hooked. Yes I am a top 40 junkie. #sorrynotsorry. Did I totally add a hashtag into a blog post? I do what I want.  I also cannot get Boom Clap out of my head which is from TFIOS soundtrack. I know I should get a life.

LINKS I’M LOVING: I had no idea that Adam Savage did a podcast and he has a sight called TESTED -just  search for it on the YouTube. It’s just fascinating and he talks about his ComicCon adventures and everything else. It’s been fun just watching one after the other.

If that’s not nerdy enough for you there is always epbot which is the Jen that does cake wrecks. She is a big sci fi nut and she does not disappoint. Which I think is why I adore and appreciate her humor on cake wrecks so much.

I’ll also be the first to admit that buzz feed is my favorite time waster. I’m not sure how they think of the most random lists but they always seem so fitting for my random entertainment/sense of humor.

On a side note, I am over the hump of my first semester of graduate school. Which sounds so grown up and sophisticated. This is partly the real reason I have slacked on the blog..that and reading cause it’s really up there on my if I can’t physically go on vacation, than I must go mentally list. Mental sacrifices for my sanity ya know?


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