A to Z Bookish Meme

It’s becoming quite the trend with all the book memes but that’s pretty much the big thing I’m doing with the last of my free time, so why not blog about it? I blame Jen @mommmablogsalot. She has a meme supplier, http://betsys4.blogspot.com/

Author you’ve read the most books from: At this point Eloisa James has surpassed any other author I’ve read. I know I talk about her a lot. I blame my guilty pleasure of historical romance and that I could read two or three of her books in a week. Like popcorn I keep telling you. Before that it had to be LM Montgomery when I plowed through most of the Anne and Emily series.

Best sequel ever: I agree with everyone else you might as well call it best series ever. This is hard. The Selection series is great. Hunger Games was probably my first read series that I had read in quite awhile…in other words since Twilight. I would say for sure Hunger Games, Anne of Green Gables, and The Selection Series not in that order. There really is too many.

Currently reading: I’m sort of reading Pride and Prejudice but I’m really just waiting for The One-from the Selection Series. I probably shouldn’t put that as my best series list yet, if I haven’t read the last one.

Drink of choice while reading: I’ll go with a Diet Dr. Pepper as that’s usually what I’m drinking, if I’m drinking something.

E-reader or physical book?: E-reader-it’s where the library is ya know.

Fictional character you probably would have actually dated in high school. Everyone is saying Mr. Darcy. Hello.. I would marry Mr. Darcy not just date him. He was more of the marrying than dating type. I would honestly have to say if we are talking about who I wanted to date based on what I read in high school it would be Gilbert Blythe from Anne. I could never understand her and why she couldn’t see how much he loved her all those gazillion times he asked to marry her. Silly Anne. I sooo skimmed for Gilbert scenes in the book than I did when reading Pride. Just saying. I would get giddy as it would seem to take forever sometimes.
Now if we are talking on who I would date based on what I’ve read currently…. I think it would have to be what’s his face from Divergent, sheesh obviously I’m already soo over him, as I can’t even think of his name. Typical teenage boy book crushes.

Hidden gem book: I know I’m going to be so made fun of but I think it would be (based on recent reads) When Beauty Tamed The Beast. This was the first Eloisa James I read and I no idea what to expect, it was just an in between book to tide me over between want to reads. It’s her fairy tale historic fiction series, it’s very tastefully done and it’s fluffy romance and the humor and wit alone sold me. Some of the character names alone slay me. This one was actually very loosely in jest based on House the TV series. Wait? How is Beauty and Beast related to House? Read and see.

Important moment in your reading life: I think I have two. My second grade teacher was the biggest reading influence I had. She read out loud to us Little House On The Prairie among other chapter books. She also gave books away for good behavior. I think it helped that I was her pet so I got a lot books. I was hooked. I’ve seen her twice in the past year at our town hamburger joint. It’s always such a thrill. I’m thinking next time I just need to add her as a friend on facebook. My class was literally her first class she taught right out of college. Obviously she was a big inspiration to me on the reading front.
The second was when I inspired the lady I babysat for in Jr High to read Anne of Green Gables. She was a former teacher at the time but had not read the series, me being all of 12 informed her that it was a requirement that she read these books and I would ride my bike around the block in a fury to get her the next the book, because obviously I had and still have the whole series. There is no bigger thrill when someone loves a book/book series that you love yourself.

Just finished: The Night Circus. I wouldn’t say it’s in my top read list. I think it was a great filler book to get me through until my next really want to read books. I think I would have been okay if I hadn’t read it but I now feel like I can move on and check it off my to read list. That sounds so callous.

Kinds of books you won’t read: The vampire/werewolf changling such and such books some of them are the heavy romance others just spin offs of Twilight. I gave it an honest try once for a friend who is really into them but just couldn’t do it. Twilight was probably as good as it was going to get for me on vampires and all of their diaries/stories and what have you. I won’t read Horror and I’m not too big on mysteries anymore, though I really used to be. In Jr. High, I had a big obsession with Agatha Christie for some reason.

Longest book you’ve read: Mmmm…The Clan of The Cave Bear series was pretty hefty if I remember correctly. I actually read these at 12. Since the lady I babysat for read my Anne books, it was only proper for me to read her series. They may have been hefty based on my age at the time, but for some reason they stand out.

Most major book hangover : That’s hard. I have so many. I kind of didn’t want Fault In Our Stars to be over. Oh the feels. I’d also say that Hunger Games kind of did that for me too.

Number of bookcases you own: One very decent sized one. I honestly don’t splurge ever on books if I know I can get most of them free from the library. The ones I don’t get so far I haven’t died yet that I haven’t read. I admit it is kind of getting there where I may have to expand from the library. Yet, very soon I probably won’t have time to read anymore so I won’t be buying or downloading. I better really hurry and them all in.

One book you have read multiple times: Okay I know I’ve admitted my sad addiction before but (whispers) I’ve read 50SOFG 3 times now. If you don’t get the abbreviation it’s okay. Total guilty pleasure, like eating a whole container of ice cream in one sitting kind of guilt. You know it’s really bad but it’s just sadly so good.

Preferred place to read: My couch or my bed. I’m not fancy.

Quote that you like, from a book you’ve read:
“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have a say in who hurts you. I like my choices” -Fault In Our Stars
I’m seriously thinking of buying the actual real copy just so I can highlight the quotes.

Reading regret: I do regret that I have yet to buckle down and read the entire Harry Potter series. I know, hangs head in shame. I got through to book two. Maybe one day when I’m retired I finally will get to it, just to say I did it. Too many other book series, so little time for Harry.

Series you started and need to finish: Obviously Harry Potter. I plan to finish The Selection like in the next week. I’m 3 on the list so it should be any day now. I also want to finish the Lunar series, she also needs to finish writing the books so there is that.

Three of your all-time favorite books: This is like naming my favorite child. I just keep a random running list in my head that really isn’t in any particular order. Just off the top of my head – A Prayer For Owen Meany, Pride and Prejudice, The Book Thief.

Unapologetic fangirl for: dytopian and young adult- I really am fanning for John Green and TFIOS. I don’ always go to movies on opening weekend but when I do it’s because I really loved the book and just needed a little more. I’m looking forward to reading Paper Towns next once I get through my other need to reads.

Very excited for this release more than all the others: Probably whenever the next one in the Lunar series comes out, of course I have to read book 3 first but it just came and the last one doesn’t come out until next year.

Worst bookish habit: It’s probably that I really do devote way more time than I should to reading and staying up way too late on a school night…I mean work nigh.

X marks the spot: Start at the top of your shelf and pick the 27th book: How about the Good Reads list instead? Wicked The LIfe and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. Ooh..that was a good one. I would love to see the musical.

Your latest book purchase: Does downloading a free one count? Pride and Prejudice

Zzz snatcher book (last book that kept you up WAY too late): I guess it was Night Circus. The ending is just a huge downhill roller coaster and you might as well stay on until the ride comes to a complete stop. It’s better that way.


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