Day Book 6.16.14

Outside My Window: It’s getting warmer. It was bound to happen eventually.

I Am Hearing: Doctor Who. We are sad really, but there’s really not much on during the summer so yeah.

I Am Thinking: I’m just oddly tired. I think the early morning earthquakes this morning did not help. We had 3 good size ones this morning. If you have seen the Yahoo main page, our local meteorologist made the home page. I’m sure you always visit Yahoo for your newsworthy browsing right?
I’m also thinking how idiotic I feel that I was convinced I outright lost though my purse was stolen. Then find it after you have had your loving husband call the bank/ credit cards. Yeah good times. I’m just really glad that I didn’t have to go through getting a new license and all the other stuff. So there is that.

I Am Hoping: That I get everything squared away for school. Transcript stuff and looking into seeing if the workplace will pay up to a percentage of school which they do and which would be helpful.

Currently Reading: I just finished The Night Circus. I’m glad I stuck it through because I really enjoyed it. It was like a Harry Potter for adults in my opinion. I understood it took a moment to establish the background and character development. It really didn’t strongly peak my interest until the very end. I’m nine on the waiting list Kierra Cass so I may just take a break until that one is ready.

Plans For The Week: Not much this week. There is a zoo trip for this weekend. The hubs work place does their picnic thing there and this is really probably the only reason we would go. The hubs is not big on zoos, so I know he’s kind of just doing it for me. I’m sensing a photo shoot in my future.

Picture Thoughts: Yeah about that… I know I also promised a content full post. I have it, it’s just at work. I write at work now cause I can, sort of.


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