Reading Habits A Meme

I realize I am way behind as usual on any kind of blogging. I’m really not sure what the deal is. I do have another post of substance coming very soon and it has to do with TFIOS-not per say a review but more of my experience watching it. I’m sure your on baited breathe for that. In the mean time a meme. Thank you again Jen @ mommablogsalot

Do you have a certain place at home for reading?
I’m like Jen on this one the couch or bed. I’m not particular. Depends on the time of day and what I’m doing.

Bookmark or random piece of paper? I technically use the fancy bookmark on my Kindle since that is how the majority of my reading is done. I did acquire a few books marks from a friend who got a mountain of swag from the Romantic Times conference so I think I’m well covered if I need an actual bookmark.

Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter or certain number of pages? It really depends on how tired I am, as that’s when most of my books are read at bedtime. I hate to have to stop in between chapters but will if I feel I’m at a good place or just that tired.

Do you eat or drink while reading? A drink sometimes if I’m on the couch..maybe a snack of chips or something if anything.
Do you watch TV or listen to music while reading? If I’m on the couch again and the TV is on and that’s usually if it’s something I’m not interested in watching, I will. I can’t do music and read. My brain wouldn’t process what I read at all. Funny how I’m okay with TV.
One book at a time or several at once? Very rarely is two unless I’m just really not feeling a particular book and just need something else to tide me over. Right now I am currently reading The Night Circus but have kind of switched from that to Quiet a non fiction about introverts. I’ve kind of waned off of it for now and may not get to finish it before it expires. It’s very rare for me to read non-fiction but this one seemed up my alley.

Reading at home or everywhere? I would say that if I know I’m going somewhere that is going to cause me to wait or the rare chance that I’m going on a long trip and am not driving I will bring the Kindle along with me. So far neither of these cases have happened for me to need to bring the Kindle in a long time.

Do you ever read ahead or skip pages? I don’t necessarily read ahead or skip pages but I may skim if it looks like things are going to be more descriptive than I really need. I admit the Anne of Green Gables books really go into a lot of description about the meadows and lakes and trees and it can kind of seem like it’s never going to end. Don’t get me wrong I love me some Anne but I just don’t have the time for all of the flowery stuff.

Reading out loud or silently in your head? Silently always- I think I’d get strange looks from the male species that live in the house. They probably would think I was talking to myself.

Breaking the spine or keeping it like new? I’ve never really had a “urge” to just break the spine, I guess to make it easier to keep it open to read? Can’t say that I have.

Do you write in your books? I’ve never been one to highlight or take notes in my books, of course I’ve never been in a book club either so that may be why. I do keep thinking that there are some quotes from books like TFIOS that I loved, and would like to have to refer back to, but if it’s a library book it’s kind of pointless. I do enjoy seeing popular highlights in the Kindle library books.


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