Day Book 6/02

Outside My Window: The weather has been almost too delightful like I feel any minute now I’m going to think it’s just my imagination and it really is 110 outside. That day will come and it will be too soon.

I Am Hearing: Just the faint sound of boys being boys. The T.V. is off and I’m here entertaining myself quietly.

I Am Thinking: It seems I only take road trips for funerals. Sadly, it’s a fairly true statement. I will be headed for a whirlwind trip to Kansas for my god mother’s funeral. I will admit that I had a small glimmer of hope to stay in a hotel for the night, if for anything a change of scenery. My mother on the other hand just wants to take a 3 hour drive, pay our respects and turn and around and go home.

I Am Hoping: That somehow the pace will pick up at the 9 to 5. If that’s all I really have to hope for I guess I’m doing pretty good.

Plans For The Week: Tomorrow is my baby’s birthday. He will be 10. There will be many tears and gnashing of teeth by me simply because my baby is ten. SOB. Wednesday is my whirlwind trip to Kansas. Since I requested 2 days off for this trip and it looks like I only the need one, I am so going to do something on Thursday. So help me.

I’m Currently Reading: The Night Circus. Also to my udder shock, The One by Kiera Cass was in the library database. I almost squeed out loud with joy. I’m on the waiting list so I’m sure it will be a week or 5 but that’s okay. At this point I think I’m still too early in on Night Circus to really form any opinion. Can I ask if it is a slow go at first, because I’ve found myself skimming the pages and only halfway paying attention.

Picture Thoughts: I will spare you for now as the next post will be chalk full of photos and you might want to thank me now. You’re welcome.


One thought on “Day Book 6/02

  1. Hmmm yeah I think I remember The Night Circus being a little slow at first, just trying to get my bearings and also some characters are simply more interesting than others but it definitely sucked me in.

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