Possible Hopeful Plans For June

I’m thinking maybe if I write some sort of summer like plans and goals down that maybe I might try to actually give it a go for a change and maybe feel accountable for something than feeling like a lump on a log. Since I graduated, I really have just kind of coasted along thinking my brain needs a mental break. In reality I think I need the brain stimuli more than ever.

Just between you and me, the place I go everyday has been lax on any kind of challenge of the mind. I do what needs done and that usually takes all of 15 20 minutes, then I sit around and wait for possibly hours for the next thing that needs to be done. I’m guessing it’s because a lot of people have been out for this or that and or on vacation. I still enjoy my role and getting a birds eye view of the process and how things roll…but.

On that note my semi plans for the summer:

-There is a free beginner’s yoga class that I’m really wanting to look into and plan to get on that immediately. I’ve never been the flexible type but I really enjoyed doing the yoga stuff when I was into Insanity. I know cardio is the main way to go but I’d just rather do yoga.

-There are also some photography and art classes at the fairgrounds that I am also wanting to look further into. I think they are free except for the lunch/supplies. I’m thinking it may just be a one day Saturday thing. I really miss my creative spurts when I was in school and I feel like I’m completely dried up and need to get back on it.

-I am bound and determined to take the boys to the swim and slide park that isn’t too far and fairly decently priced on Sundays. I have kept “promising” them we would go every summer for the past 5 summers. My excuse has always been work, and school.

-Definitely a garage sale no excuses.

-I need to spend a day with my mother in law and check out the winery that she has been begging me to come visit and do some wine tasting.

This doesn’t seem like a hefty list but this is pretty heavy duty from this girl who has spent the last 5 summers with no plans because she was zeroed in on going through the motions of working and then procrastinating school work to be done on the weekends.

P.S. For fall or next spring I am highly considering going back for my Masters. In what, I’m not sure-probably Marketing/PR related. This learning thing is a sickness really.


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