Day Book 05/20/14

Outside My Window: The wind has certainly been sweeping down the plains today. This from the girl who wore a somewhat flowie skirt today. One would think one would learn ones lesson that the wind in Oklahoma never dies down, ever.

I Am Hearing: I was hearing The Lone Ranger. I must say it was delightful. A typical Johnny Depp movie. I couldn’t understand why the haters for this one?

I Am Thinking: I’m exhausted. I had a nice mini vacation of going nowhere for my anniversary. Now that it’s over I have to re acclimate to working hours again. It was nice to stay up and watch Jimmy Fallon knowing I could sleep a little extra in the morning. I love me some Jimmy Fallon. He’s on my celebrity boyfriend list, him and Justin Timberlake. I love a man who sings, is funny, and has boyish charms, and is funny..I mentioned that already I was just making sure. Yes, I stroke out when JT is on JF. I’m not sure why I felt the need to gush this to you. I just felt I had to share.

I Am Hoping: Rain would be nice other than that, I’m pretty content.

Plans For The Week: I’m still working my part time job. The voice lessons guy comes out to the house tonight. I am intrigued that he comes to the house. Very convenient.

Random Thought: I know I probably shouldn’t talk on and on about work but I must say that I enjoy the small challenges that I’m faced with on a daily bases of being the admin assist. Whether it’s finding the correct fountain pen ink size for one bosses pen (I’m still on that mission two tries later.) Or getting to reserve lunch for the group and given a list that has all my favorite restaurants and I get to pretty much be the one that decides, because I’m the admin assist and it’s my job to make those kinds of executive decisions -no matter if it’s based on reservation availability. Oh and I get to see “fun” stuff that’s coming soonish to the place of work.

Picture Thoughts: I know I posted these on facebook but still.


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