Who’s The Blog Slacker?

This girl that’s who.

I’m not sure what happened to cause my lapse. I’m going to make the excuse that I’ve been busy, real busy.
Let’s break it down shall we?

Work (of course)

Since I left my previous position, they have been in dire straights, in that someone else left right after me, leaving them with a 4 person workload for 2. This is all SO very familiar as I have been the one that was of the 2 and even down to the 1. Yes friends, 1 person for a 4 person workload. This meant lots of “helpers” that really didn’t help much because their constant questions and fixing their mistakes made the workload more stressful. So yeah been there done that. Needless to say, my old boss who is a dear friend, had the cahonies to ask the VP of that department to ask my boss, who is the VP of my department, if they could spare me for a week or six. He actually brought me into his office with another boss and was reluctant to even ask me. It was kind of sweet in a weird way. So technically I have my full-time job and then leave for my “part-time” job at 5 and work a few more hours everyday. Everyone thinks I have lost my ever loving mind to go back to my old place but they are paying me OT and it is with my new pay, so who’s crazy now? I probably wouldn’t have done it if it was anybody else, though I probably would have because I enjoy the thought that I’m “valuable” and all that fuzzy stuff that goes with it.

At the new place I’m getting more “responsibilities” like proofing marketing items that are about to be finalized. This could be anything from web promotion stuff going on the website, radio scripts for ads, and anything and everything in between. They wanted a fresh set of eyes. If you knew the approval process and how many eyes and hands one piece is rotated around, your head would spin. If something is changed it has to go through the whole process again. One would think that that many eyes would find something amiss, you would be wrong. It’s basically when you’ve seen the same project 3-4 -8 times it gets a little tedious as I’m learning.
I will admit the whole proofing process has been a learning process as I figure out what I’m allowed to change content and sentence structure not so much. It’s been a challenge, if I think a sentence doesn’t sound/flow right and should be changed and they say it’s fine based on the marketing premise of the item, it makes things confusing. When I do find a glaring error that does need fixed..one does feel empowered that you found it out of 4-5 people that missed it. (flexes muscles). I never saw myself as a grammar Natzi but my spidey senses have heightened and I’m asking a lot of questions. We actually have a proof/writer but even he makes mistakes.

I’m sure you’ve heard enough of that… Can you tell though, that I really am enjoying my job and the new challenges it’s bringing me?

The Boys

The oldest had his first dramatic debut last night. As a freshman the drama teacher normally doesn’t do “heavy” subjects for the newbs but she really thought they could handle it. It was a pretty dark message about drugs and teen pregnancy. They did a great job and he was able to play several different characters based on the boy to girl ratio of the class. I must also say that he was probably the greatest coat rack that I have ever seen. 🙂
I’m just so glad that he has found his niche and this probably is something he will carry on through high school. His teacher told him he certainly should do it competitively next year. The middle child is on his way to drama next year as well. I’m thinking this means I will be a future drama mama and will need their nifty bedazzled shirts that the “drama mama’s” sported last night.
The hubs is also adamant on getting the youngest into voice lessons. We really feel he has a inner singing talent that needs to be molded and hopefully produce something awesome. He’s very shy about it as I think I’ve mentioned before but we’re hoping voice lessons will get him over it.


One thought on “Who’s The Blog Slacker?

  1. I think it’s awesome that you are helping out with your old job and making some extra money for your efforts all while feeling good that you are able to help out where you’d probably wished someone could when it was you. Like paying it forward kinda. :O)

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