Day Book 02.21.14

Outside My Window: Lovely last few days of spring, including a few spring storms.

I’m not sure what it is this year, but I’m obsessed with photographing birds. Yes, I’ve even contemplated wanting those binoculars that zoom in awesomely and take pictures..not that I would.

I Am Hearing: Doctor Who (of course) I’m already really missing Matt Smith and new episodes. I’m afraid that we’re going to fall off the bandwagon and the story just won’t be as good with the new one. I miss the mystery and time differences of him and River. Oh River! This is ridiculously too long to wait for a new one. I actually feel like it’s already happened and we’ve just been so out of touch with it. Any who…anxiety much?

I Am Thinking: A few thoughts of random. I finally saw Frozen. You’re Welcome! I loved the “plot line twist on true love”. I feel semi caught up with the rest of the world on must see movies, but not even nearly close to the back logged list of movies I haven’t seen. I will admit this one was good, I wouldn’t go as far as saying the greatest Disney movie ever. When you live in a houseful of boys a movie that breaks into song every two minutes does not hold its appeal. We do love our musicals, this one just seemed a little too saturated and we just wanted to continue the story already.

Easter Wrap Up:
We did the melted crayon dye method.

I don’t recommend it for small children, the eggs have to still be pretty warm. It really does just melt on with no effort but it’s just a little tedious and messy, not to mention the egg is very warm to handle. We’ve kind of come to a small close on egg coloring which pains my heart. The boys are just past that age. The youngest thinks he’s 9 going on 15 and is above coloring like his brothers. Sigh. Yet, they are still very inspired to hunt said eggs, as there is incentive involved called cold hard cash hidden in said eggs. Whatever it takes to let them be little.

Currently Reading: I realize I’ve been really slack on posts- I blame the month of April and all of the gazillion celebrations of birth and death rising. Did I mention I found my Kindle? In other words it was exactly where I left it near my desk at work. I keep thinking I have really lost my mind and can’t believe it was exactly where I left it in the first place and exactly where I looked. Anyways, I say all that because in that week or so that I lost it I also ran out of library time on my Cinder download and wasn’t able to finish it. Woe is me! I’m back on the waiting list again and am reading a Vampire series/romance that I can’t even think of the name. It won’t last, but at least it’s more tolerable than Vampire Academy.

I probably should break all this down in multiple posts. Right? Maybe Not.
Saturday was also busy. I had the great pleasure of helping work out at the Heart Walk. We are big time sponsors of a lot of things including ahem… this thing…the Thunder and its playoffs.

It warms the heart when you know you work here and you know you had a little part in the planning/preparing process of this and everyone and their brother sees it from the highway. It’s the little things.

Also to mention (Sorry, I should break these things up!)

After the Heart Walk, I decided to take the kids plus one to the Memorial downtown. I’m not sure how much more of a big deal it was outside of Oklahoma in 1995 or this last Saturday of the bombing but of course, it was a big deal here. The plan was to take the kids on the tour and visit the museum which was free on Saturday. The very instant we walked up to the front, kid plus one loses his cookies right there on the sidewalk in front of everything. Sigh! Needless to say we were there all of 6 minutes and left.


One thought on “Day Book 02.21.14

  1. Where to begin? lol I’m so glad you found your kindle – that must be a relief! I can totally understand your family not being as ecstatic over Frozen with all that testosterone in the family. You need to borrow a princess obsessed four year old and try again lol. She will demand you love it passionately! Those crayon eggs look really cool, I bet my son would like that project and that my daughter would smash the eggs to pieces lol.

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