Oh To Be 14

It’s time again for the next birthday victims interview. I know what you’re saying didn’t we just do this? Of course we did, don’t you remember I had fraternal twins that are a year and 16 days apart. Of course it wasn’t planned that way.

1 Who Is Your Favorite Person: Zach

2. Your Favorite Color? Purple because it is the color of Mace Windew’s light saber

3. What is your favorite television show? Doctor Who

4. What sport do you like best? Football

5. What is your favorite song? Daft Punk –Harder Better Faster Stronger
6. What is your favorite cereal? Count Chocula
7. Who is your best friend? Zach
8. What do you want to be when you grow up? Actor
9. What is your favorite book? Marvel Comics

10. What are you really good at? Drawing
11. Where do you wish to go on vacation? Legoland
12. What is your best memory? Meeting Weird Al at Barnes and Nobel and told him some good ideas for songs
13. What would you buy with a $1000? Would buy stuff for my family.

14. What vegetable do you hate the most? Broccoli
15. If you could have one wish what it would be? A super hero
16. What is your favorite ice cream? Strawberry
17. Who is your biggest hero? Spiderman
18. What do you like to do with your friends? Spend the night
19. What do you hope to get to before your next birthday? Be trusted to be on the computer again.


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