What To Wear Wednesday

I’ve decided to go with my own little “theme” on Wednesday instead of Wordless Wednesday. This kind of goes along with my work outfits that I know all two of you are excited to see each week. I appreciate, that really wasn’t complete sarcasm.

Anyway, here are two of my last work outfits from the week. I figure 1 or 2 is plenty for this little theme I just made up. I also keep thinking I should simultaneous post on my other site since I sort of started that one. Oh well.

I admit this one was taken right before going to bed, from which I came home late from Bunco so I look all sorts of drained and bloated or something. UGH! I know I’m my own worst critic.

Morning is better…though now I think I could have unbuttoned my cardigan a little more at top… I was self conscious of non existent cleavage. I normally don’t wear skirts/dresses this short so this was kind of a risky first. I really liked this dress at Kohls
I will also admit that spanx is my best friend.

P.S. On a unrelated note..did I mention my Kindle reappeared under my desk out of nowhere as if it was never gone in the first place? I’m not crazy but my mother didn’t have me tested so who knows?


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