Day Book 04.06.14

Outside My Window: It’s been rainy today which is a good thing. We need the rain and this is spring after all.

I Am Hearing: The news.

I Am Hoping: That my youngest gets over this mental condition of him thinking he’s sick every 5 minutes. If it’s not his stomach feeling sick, it’s his heart, or pains somewhere here or there. When he complained of his sore throat Thursday night, he was literally ready to go to the doctor at 9 at night. No fever, no other real symptoms. When I did what every good parent does and call in to the new job and take my child to the doctor, he refused to take the strep test. Now granted I hate getting the swab just as much as anyone but he was being ridiculous. The doctor finally just looked carefully at his throat and deemed it bad enough to possibly be strep. Sigh. So please send good vibes to the paranoid child and his possible sick scenarios for tomorrow. We’ve tried to talk with him to see if there is something else going on at school that is making him have anxiety about going and he claims nothing is going on.

I Am Thinking: I’m slowly losing my marbles and with it is all my technology. I’ve lost my phone and my Kindle so basically my entire existence. It’s been over a week since I lost my phone. I think my Kindle was stolen at work of all places. It’s my fault, I accidentally left it over night and nowhere to be found the next day. Sad Sad… I just hope the person who got it really needed the money that badly. I know I shouldn’t make accusations but it had to have been the cleaning crew. It was under my desk in a very inconspicuous place by the trash can. You literally had to be under my desk to even know it was there. My phone I have no idea. Needless to say I’ve re started my St Johns Wort. It really strangely does help me focus more and not have such mom ADD.

GEEZ I have a lot to say tonight.

I Am Currently Reading: Well I was in a really good part of Cinder but now I’ll have to physically go to the library and reserve it again and actually read the physical book. I’m guessing I won’t be getting a Kindle anytime soon. I did make sure to delete my credit card off my Amazon account in case whoever really just wanted a older generation reading device and was going to crank up my account with expensive book downloads.

Plans For The Week: Not a lot. The past week was pretty busy and I survived 5 teenagers in the past 48 hours so I think I’m good on any major plans.

I keep thinking there is something else “life changing” that I needed to say…(not really but I’m all about the dramatics) I am playing along in the #UBP14 at 5 Minutes For Mom. I may even join in my first twitter party in over 4 years so there is that. Life changing.

Oh yes now I remember! I’m still one of the lasts of the lasts to see Frozen. I admit I’m a little apprehensive. All this pomp and circumstance about this movie and I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed. I did finally see Pitch Perfect and it lived up to everything everyone told me it would be. Awesome! I’ve seen it 4 times now and it still never gets old. It’s right up there with Juno, Sound of Music, and Forest Gump. I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel even though I know it will be awhile. I told you it was life changing.

Picture Thoughts:

A rare look at the 15 year old and his compadres.

Shhh..don’t tell him I posted this for all the world to see.


One thought on “Day Book 04.06.14

  1. Oh I hope you find your phone soon – I can barely function without mine at this point. Also – you have to see Frozen. It couldn’t possibly not live up to expectation in my humble opinion. LOVE Pitch Perfect by the way, I kinda wanna watch it again immediately.

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