Day Book 03.30.14

Outside My Window: A very windy but lovely sunny day, despite the numerous earthquakes we had yesterday. It really is beyond crazy that we here in Oklahoma of all places get as many earthquakes as California. Many blame fraking. I’m not really sure what it is, it’s never enough to cause damage. I can understand how one would get used to them.
I found this article on photographing dogs by and fell in love and suddenly I became inspired to set up my makeshift photo studio with lighting and everything. It’s probably not going to happen but I appreciated getting a kick in the pants in inspiration.

Prepare for randomly placed pics ahead…

I Am Hearing: Mythbusters and probably about to watch Believe. It’s our new show and we have really enjoyed it so far. It’s really unusual for us to start in on a new show from the get go.

Currently Reading: I’m currently reading Cinder from the Lunar Chronicles. I like the premise of a futuristic Cinderella kind of story but I’m afraid it’s almost a little too predictable. I’m enjoying the story none the less. I’m not sure why YA distopian like fiction is the way to go these days but whatever sells the books and grabs my attention. I’m also reading Vampire Academy. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I haven’t come across any vampiric like action yet and it is truly high school young adult focused to the tee. This one was just a “filler” until Cinder became available. 100 % of the books I read I download and borrow from the library. I love that option for my Kindle.

I Am Thinking: It’s probably going to be a busy week, which means April is going to fly like always. It’s always our busiest time of year.

Plans For The Week: It is my oldest child’s birthday on Tuesday, hence why it’s going to be a busy week. I can’t believe my April Fool is going to be 15!!! I am way too young to have a 15 year old…just saying. Doesn’t help that I got started early at 21. It’s also parent/teacher conference day for the youngest and high school enrollment for the oldest this week. Then onto his paint ball party for next weekend. Busy Busy Busy

It’s getting to the point that I have to take what I can get on photo shoots of the boys because they are having none of it sans bribing and even that isn’t working anymore.

I Am Hoping: To find my cell phone. It cannot have gone far but I’m clueless where else but the obvious places I’ve looked for it to be. Where or where has my cell phone gone…oh where oh where can it be? With it’s case so blue, A Galaxy it be. /Yes I totally broke out into random singing, my apologies.

Menu Plan: Monday-Roasted chicken in the crock pot w/ carrots and potatoes Tuesday- Out for birthday boy Wednesday-Chicken Rice and Broccoli Casserole Thursday-Leftovers or spaghetti Friday-Hopefully pizza or some such if I’m hosting some random paint ball partying 15 year olds.
Picture Thoughts
This kid and his freckles slay me. His dimple and freckles really slay me but you take what you can get because this is as good as it gets for a pose for picture. He claims I have ruined his life with his toddler youtube videos and has become some kind of angry celebrity who becomes hostile with the paparazzi blocking his face with even the slightest hint that the camera is focused on him.
In two weeks this one will be 14. Hold me the teen boy invasion has landed.


2 thoughts on “Day Book 03.30.14

  1. Loving the pictures and I cannot believe how big / old / mature the boys are getting. Where does the time go? Cinder and The Vampire Academy are both on my to TBR list but with reservations for most of the reasons you mentioned above. Have you read any Rainbow Rowell yet? Specifically Fangirl? Cause I still wish I was reading that right now.

    • Cinder is actually getting better, I highly recommend it over Vampire Academy. I have Fangirl on my TBR list but I’m not sure it’s an available download on the Kindle. .I’ve seen you swoon on it and certainly think we have similar taste in books.

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