What I Learned -March

I’m slowly coming back around to getting back into “routine blogging”. I haven’t quite picked up a good writing rhythm and for now I’m using blogging prompts to get me back on track.
On my path to new blogginess Jen@ MommaBlogsAlot steered me toward Chatting At The Sky for this particular blogging prompt based on what I’ve learned for March. This was a good learning month for me with lots of changes.

1. I have learned that patience really is a virtue, even though I’ve known this forever. I have a tendency to become very impatient about things I feel need to happen right this instant. In this case, since I graduated with my degree in Visual Communications in December, I felt confident that I would land said “dream job” immediately. Obviously, reality doesn’t happen that way. For the record, I am very fortunate that I did land a very good job in a very short amount of time than the normal college graduate. It’s going to be a great stepping stone for future job growth and dream job worthiness.

2. I also learned that having a long term and short term career goal does actually work, which was something I really took nonchalantly. My goal was to remain in the company I have currently worked for the last 4 years but once I graduate target getting a job with in the department that was more focused on my degree. I believed this tactic would work out better for me due to my lack of real world experience pertaining to my degree and it did!

3. I learned that my youngest, even though he is quite stubborn and resistant to change has adapted well to the complete change in morning routine. I miss our morning bus stop chats and relaxed regimen but so proud of him adapting to the new routine. I had my doubts.

4. I have also learned that my new role is a complete change from anything I’ve ever done. It’s all a trial by fire and normally this is not my style of learning something new nor has it ever been my normal way of being trained in a new position. I’m adapting and learning as I go and I think I’m doing okay.


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