Working Girl

I have a soon to be write up on the Leaf, in case inquiring minds were wanting to know. We settled on a price that were willing to pay. Notice I said willing? We’re Leaf owners now for reals. I’m hoping it’s going to work out for our driving situation more on that later.

I promised a somewhat daily post on what I wear to work every day. Some days I try a little harder than others, so of course I will only provide the best when I remember. Yes, this was taken tonight after I got home and had lounged on the couch catching up on all things social media. I’m usually one to change immediately after work, but I was lazier than normal tonight and obviously not too uncomfortable to not need to change.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret; the skirt (yes that’s a skirt not a kilt or britches or shorts..I know it looks like I just rolled out of bed) and the black sweater came from the thrift store. I’m very particular on what I buy at the thrift store but this skirt is the perfect business skirt and so versatile. I actually wore my most favorite boots with this outfit. Those also from the thrift store for $15 made in Italy..they look practically new. I wasn’t sure if the print from the scarf and stripes from the skirt was a bit too much but what I do know? I’m not a fashionista, just a girl trying to look somewhat representable for work.


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