Day Book 03 24 14

Outside My Window: Windy and Chilly. Spring is so temperamental here, you really have to prepare for 70 plus temps one day and 50 degree temps 5 hours later day by day.

I Am Hearing: Nirvana – I know it’s hard to explain.

I Am Thinking: I really do appreciate the company I work for. It helps to work in a department that really does have “connections” sorta. Today they pulled my arm and gave me Thunder tickets because they have them and need people of marketing of my company to represent. We are a big sponsor of the Thunder so yeah…

P.S. that blimp was flying all around the arena dropping prizes. No that’s not my company.

I Am Hoping: I’m hoping for a good week, I’m still waiting to get more access to doing more stuff. It’s a slow pace.

Plans For The Week: We have to go back to the car dealer tomorrow. I’m not too happy as they are trying to mess with our rate/price. We have decent credit but it never fails when we buy a car they have to call us back for a price change. They really promised us it wouldn’t happen, they all say that. It’s a possibility that our Leaf experience may be short lived. We already told them if something like this were to happen we weren’t keeping the car. The manager of finance lady shook our hands on it that it wouldn’t happen. Yeah…about that.

Picture Thoughts: This kid had an absolute blast at the Thunder game. He was trying to do everything possible to get on the jumbo tron. He danced and waived his sign and yelled when he was supposed to yell and cheered when he was to cheer. One of the thunder dancers not the cheerleaders but the booster drum/dancing group was in our section and he danced with him and gave him a shirt. That made his night.


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