The View From Here

I promised a pic of my view of my window from my desk. It takes little to thrill me and knowing that I have a desk with a window view is almost the epitome of thrill for me. I admit I tend to get all day dreamy just gazing out my window.

I don’t really have a zoom on my Galaxy 3 ( I swore there was a zoom when I played with it before buying it…it was one of those important things in life in phone buying). Due to my slacking photography skills, I could have tried a little harder to actually try to capture the dome better in my view. Oh well.

You see the lunch box on the floor? One of many little trinkets I possibly may obtain based on my “connections” now. This is of course only a quarter of my area. Do you see the items on hanging on the wall? Those are works we’ve done as sponsors and what not. There was zero imagery color at the previous building. It’s just nice to have all kinds of eye candy. I’m really enjoying just getting to absorb the creativity and being a small part of it, even if I personally am not doing anything really creative yet. One has to start somewhere. You should see the “creative suite”. It’s really what they call it. I don’t think I’m allowed in there yet. It kind of reminds me of a lounge of some kind, the kind that’s dark and mysterious and artsy. Maybe with some jazz music in the background.
Admits I may be showing off a little.


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